The Super League already exists. World football situation.

“UEFA does not invest money in football, they are only in charge of managing the income generated by the Clubs. This means that they takes no risk but only profits.”

It was in 2021 when the idea of ​​creating a European Football competition arose where the best clubs of this continent would meet and play against each other. An event that would come to revolutionize this sport and with it the enjoyment of the fan in general. A magnificent idea that has not been materialized due to the economic and sporting risk that the creation of such an event entails for institutions such as UEFA and FIFA.

In this article I will talk about the Premier League, but first some elements will be explained that likewise give added value to the arguments that will soon be presented here.

The creation.

The idea of ​​a soccer Super League has emerged with the purpose of creating a sports business model of the highest level that would come to replace the Champions League and the Europa League as the main European competitors and take soccer to higher levels. In the same way, the creation of said competition would help to heal economic losses in large clubs of this sport caused by external factors such as the Pandemic and other internal actions typical of a competition as absurd as the Champions League where teams like Madrid and Chelsea face each other twice in 62 years.

Behind the creation of such a great project are personalities such as the current president of Real Madrid FC (Florentino Pérez) among other important personalities in the business world of this sport such as Andrea Agnelli and Joel Glazer for more information on the matter click here

Many soccer fans have disagreed with the creation of a Soccer Super League assuming that there are lower level teams that also deserve a chance to play in major tournaments completely forgetting that soccer is a professional sport where the most high level should be the main goal. All this without forgetting the economic reasons that surround all the parties involved that oppose the creation of such a tournament.

What will happen to the lower budget teams that will not be able to enter this competition if it is the same one established?

The ideal would be to create a second European division where weaker teams economically and sportingly speaking, can play among themselves and at the end of a regular season, the first 3 teams will be able to access the Super League, which would be the first division, but for all this to be possible they will have to solve the problem of the World Soccer Calendar which is a disaster today. It is not possible, for the good of this sport, to prioritize small teams because many of them do not even have the necessary infrastructure to host large-scale events. One of the most frequent problems is the conditions of their sports facilities in general.

Soccer is the only collective sport in the world where national league competitions are constantly stopped for an entire year, to play absurd knockout tournaments belonging to other parallel events such as World Cups, Euro Cups, friendly matches between nations, Champions League and Europe League bringing as a consequence the continuous injury of the players who are forced to play all these competitions at the same time.

The idea of ​​a Super League is too good to be true, however, for all this to happen, the Champions League as we know it today would have to disappear and that is not convenient for UEFA because those people do not care at all about the sport, they only care about money and they forget the economic situation that important teams in this sport have.

What does the creation of a Super League have to do with the Premier League?

First we must understand the economic policies of each country in which the main leagues in the world are developed: England, Italy, Spain, Germany, just to mention the best.

Each country has its own laws regarding the economic capital of each team in the national competition, payment of taxes by the players, salary limit among other factors. It is impossible for me to explain all this in this article but I will try using several examples.

Believe it or not, the Super League already exists! It is visible to all! It's the Premier League and that's cheating!

Teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leicester City among others, to name a few, are in the hands of millionaires whose money comes from their personal businesses and not from soccer. In many cases, these teams are receiving an external injection of money through their owners in order to obtain better players and with it better sporting results. It is true that in terms of population, purchasing power of its citizens, television rights and sponsors. The Premier League is probably the most influential League in the world but:

Where are the limits? Why teams from other leagues have financial limits to sign players and British Clubs simply sign whoever they want?

Unlike the British League, the Italian League (Serie A) and the Spanish League (La Liga) both have rules and laws which do not allow teams to spend more than they earn. In these leagues there is a Financial Fair Play. That is why players like Messi or even Cristiano had to leave their previous teams.

It happens that there are laws, fiscal limits that, being impossible to comply with, the player has no choice but to lower his salary or leave the team in question and sign a contract with another capable of paying the transfer, salary, added to taxes, bonuses, etc.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid and went to Italy (Juventus) because its law protected him financially. This is because in this country there is a limit on the payment of taxes. In Italy, soccer players pay fixed taxes, they do not increase depending on their income, which is why the country is attractive to many players. He himself is going to Juventus because in Spain they were practically stealing a large percentage of his salary.

In Spain, due to the internal policies of the country and the measures of the local soccer competition. Progressive tax policies are applied. This means that they increase depending on the income of the players.

The clearest example and the best of all is that of Messi, who had a contract with FC Barcelona of 500 million a year and he himself paid around 240 million a year in taxes, almost half of his income. Messi in Spain paid more taxes than 120,000 Spaniards combined. Which is completely a robbery of the relevant authorities to the best player in the history of this sport. Finally he went to France for the same reasons that Cristiano did to Italy.

We must add to all this that Clubs like AC Milan, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Roma, Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, among many other clubs are mainly in the hands of the members, that is, in the hands of the fans. The money from these clubs comes from their history, titles achieved, sale of shirts and other items, television rights, ticket sales to stadiums, number of fans around the world, etc. The money from these clubs does not come out of the pocket of any millionaire and that is how football in general should be or else there are no laws and everyone does what they want.

Where is UEFA?

English teams pay their players the highest salaries in the world many times without even winning national or international titles, a singular case is Tottenham, a mid-table team that has enough budget to buy players from leading teams from other leagues and the question is:

Where does the money for these teams come from if they don't win titles? Is the sale of tickets and television rights enough to pay for transfers and such high salaries?

Here something is happening behind that we are not seeing and UEFA is involved. The directors of this institution act as if nothing happened. As if everything were subject to a legal process which does not violate economic and sports laws. Let's all remember that several teams have been sanctioned for allegedly spending more than they earn, but no one sanctions Manchester City, Chelsea, or even PSG. Here's something that doesn't fit...

"Having the best players does not guarantee winning titles but it does put you much closer to the goal."

If a soccer club is sold to a millionaire, there is no problem with that, as long as the millionaire's money does not directly influence the performance of the team.

In the event that UEFA is not capable of regulating these practices, it is better for all the teams to start joint-stock companies where millionaires run this sport and there are no organizations like the one mentioned above which does not fulfill any function.

The Premier League cheats because the majority of the income for many of its Soccer Clubs comes from the private businesses of their owners and not from the profits the Club itself generates. The transfers and high salaries that English Clubs pay for any player are only generating economic inflation in the football market that forces other clubs from other countries to buy a player for more than what it costs due to the economic pressure exerted by the english market.

Worst of all, the English sports authorities including UEFA are aware of everything that happens and do nothing to stop these practices because it is simply convenient for them. At the rate we are going, the British Clubs will take over the service of the most talented players in the world as there is no economic limit that prevents them. These Clubs will be able to pay more than any other club and let's remember that soccer players are more than just players, they are human beings, workers with families and of course money is important to them as it is to all of us.

It would be a mistake not to create a Super League and continue to allow the Premier League and its teams to violate all existing financial limits if they exist at all. I think that for the good of this sport, associations like UEFA should disappear. The British Clubs are creating a bubble which tries to transfer all the quality of world football to this country. Preventing other European-level teams from accessing high-level players. Soccer needs a Super League as soon as possible, otherwise this sport will stop being what it is. The most beautiful sport in the world.