Cannabis in South Korea. Data you should know.

South Korea is a country that, like many communist or socialist countries, continues to prohibit by law and penalize with fines and jail the consumption of drugs such as Weed. Said prohibition does not eliminate the use of this drug by citizens at all, if not quite the contrary. Preventing the acquisition of a certain product or service only manages to arouse the curiosity and interest of the client, in addition, it increases the price of the same in the population due mostly to the risk factor assumed by the supplier. Something similar happens with prostitution in this country, which is illegal; however, South Korea has one of the highest rates of prostitution in the world. A topic that I will talk about in a future article.

I was telling you that in this country there is a lot of ignorance regarding Cannabis, it has precisely been the Government that has been in charge of creating a state of negative opinion in the minds of the people regarding said medicinal plant. Normally, Koreans do not talk about this matter or at least are afraid to do so openly and most believe that consuming said drug is bad when the reality is that in this country the people who consume the most Weed are precisely those who have the best economic situation and can afford to pay around $100 (approximate price in Seoul) to get one gram of this product. This drug is easy to get, especially in nightclubs in Itaewon or Gangnan due to the large number of people who visit these places, mostly young people between the ages of 18 and 35.

It is foolish to think that the government has no knowledge regarding the Marijuana traffic that exists in the city of Seoul. My experience as a citizen born in a communist country tells me that the government has agreements with the mafias that operate in different areas of the city. In this way they have absolute control of the situation where both parties also benefit. In Korea there are mafias which operate different businesses and one of them is precisely the control and sale of Weed.

Alcoholism in South Korea.

In South Korea, as in any mega city in the world, nightlife is part of the culture of its inhabitants. It is precisely here that meetings between groups of workers from the same company are very popular, who meet in bars once the workday is over and drink all night until they are practically unconscious. Most of these people consume local alcohol called Soju which is cheap due to its domestic production made mostly by fermenting rice. The Soju business belongs to a Korean company which is in charge of manufacturing and distributing it, so the promotion of free consumption of Cannabis would cause millions in losses to said company, which logically has economic ties with the Government.

Alcoholism in this country is almost general, the percentage of people consuming this drug is enormous, more than 80% of the population of legal age drinks at least twice a week.


It is incredible how a country as developed as this one continues to insist on penalizing the consumption of a plant despite all the application that it has had in traditional and modern medicine. It is inexplicable that drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes constitute free and legal sale products to the population, taking into account the serious physical and metal damage that they cause to the human organism, in many cases these drugs are the main cause of destruction of entire families, especially alcohol. Mainly responsible for the thousands of car accidents and homicides that occur every day in our societies. All this without mentioning that alcohol is also the fundamental cause of the appearance of diseases such as cancer among others. These are attitudes that I still don't fully understand.

Where is the morale of politicians? How many deaths are reported each year due to the consumption of Marijuana in South Korea? Have you ever heard any reports of violent attacks carried out by people under the influence of it in this country?

The reality is that there are no records of the aforementioned because situations like these simply do not occur in the country. Cannabis is a natural product that works as a sedative. It is not subjected to chemical processes unlike other drugs that are created in both professional and artisan laboratories in order to destroy human lives, divide societies and show the Government as a solution to a problem that they themselves have created.

South Korea, a free and democratic country where people are penalized for consuming a non-harmful plant not only for cultural but also economic reasons. I do not know exactly if the Koreans have ruled on the free consumption of Weed. The truth is that it is a rather complicated subject from which people prefer to stay away.


As you have been able to appreciate in this article and in general, everything I write is usually based on my personal experience because it is impossible for me to talk about things that I have not experienced or that I am completely unaware of, which is why I do not constantly cite official sources of information. You are free to verify data that you believe is important in official sources.

The decriminalization of the consumption of Cannabis, Weed or Marijuana in South Korea should be a priority of the Government in order to, in this way, at least psychologically help the citizens of the country. Mental disorders resulting from work stress and economic situations that it causes have been the Achilles heel of this society since its independence was achieved on August 15, 1945 as a result of the surrender of Japan in the Pacific War. A country with one of the highest suicide rates in the world, which is also due to alcoholism.

Keeping people away from their spiritual freedom is the work of the Government, which is why it prohibits and penalizes the consumption of Marijuana still in 2023 with fines and jail. A harmless plant for human health. If you ask me, I will say that its consumption is not the complete solution to the problems that exist in this nation, but I am sure that it will help millions of people to live a better life in every way.