Social development. Skill, luck and brilliance.

Luck influences that person who has carried out a series of actions in a systematic and organized way or has created the necessary conditions that give rise to the occurrence of events that at a certain point benefit them in a positive and unexpected way. This means that luck as an isolated element does not exist and if you try to find the solution to a certain problem through luck without doing anything beforehand to stimulate its appearance, I'm sorry, luck will never be found.

I know that for many it will be a challenge to read this article because most of the topics that I narrate here are increasingly complicated, nothing far from the reality of living, however, I ask everyone for patience and a little effort and for please continue reading…

A person who has never done any activity that promotes the appearance of luck will not be able to appeal to it. For example:

To attract people to this Blog it will be necessary to address issues of particular and social interest and above all a lot of patience and perseverance, only then will luck be able to benefit this space one day, although being honest I do not do without it to achieve personal goals because success in any project depends 90% on the correct decisions that we as individuals are capable of making. A 9% is attributed to external situations and only 1% to the phenomenon of luck, which is nothing more than the sum of probabilities.

How does the ability of each person influence this whole process?

Each individual is creditor of some ability which some discover at an early age, others develop over the years and others never discover. Each one, in effect, uses such ability or abilities for their own benefit, be it economic or spiritual, in order to achieve some goal or give direction to their life.  Logically, when analyzing these factors, we discover that there is a connection between all of them, which through implementation can lead to individual or collective success.

It is a fallacy to think that success is achieved only through reading or constant study and although it is essential to have an average academic level or even higher when carrying out any economic activity, there are millions of academic people who are not capable of applying their studies in real life by many different factors. In the same way, there are millions of examples of successful people who have simply seen a market opportunity and have taken advantage of it to create something or provide a service that benefits others.

Brilliance, meanwhile, is skill at its best. Here luck or any random process does not influence at all. It is reached through practice, trial and error. It is the ability to insist on the application of an idea or process until reaching the expected results or even bordering on perfection. That is why very few human beings achieve brilliance because it is the end of a long and very exhausting process that many decide not to undergo.

The correlation between all the aforementioned factors is one, it has a name and it is called will.

The will to achieve goals that for many are impossible, has been the most important human value in the history of mankind. Never lose the will to live a better life. Sometimes having skill is not enough of a tool to achieve success!