Nightlife in Seoul, the city that never sleeps.

When we think of large cities we always imagine places like New York where thousands of people of different nationalities converge and make such a special place their own. Nightlife and its attractions have always been a hallmark of big cities and Seoul is no exception.

Many have been the experiences lived in all these years in this country. Events, meetings with friends, tragedies and joys that have made all these moments unique, which is why today I will give you a brief tour of the most interesting places in this city.

Sin City.

In Seoul there are three Districts that are really famous for their nightlife and all the sensual atmosphere that revolves around them, which are Itaewon, Hongdae and Gangnam.

Itaewon - Seoul South Korea 

Located almost in the center of the city, Itaewon is a very peculiar place due to the large foreign community established in it, which represents the largest in the entire country. This is due to the emigration of a large number of American citizens who settled in this District after the Second World War. From that moment to the present, the foreign community has been growing by adding people of various nationalities, especially citizens from African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco among others. All this multicultural process has resulted in a place quite far from the culture that traditionally characterizes a country like South Korea.

It is common to find in Itaewon hundreds of businesses of foreign origin where the majority of employees speak English, including the Koreans themselves. In the same way, the place has a wide and varied gastronomic offer where we can find Arab, Latin, African, European and local food in all its variants. Something similar happens with the Bars and Night Clubs where there are a large number of these to which any person of legal age can access as long as they carry an official document that identifies them.

Itaewon is also a place full of beautiful girls where many of them even travel from other cities in Korea such as Busan just with the aim of spending an unforgettable weekend.

The place of chaos.

Hongdae - Seoul South Korea 

Now it's time to talk about Hongdae, a place located West of the city center where most of the young Koreans attend. The place of chaos, that's what i decided to call it, due to the large number of people who gather there every weekend, making it almost impossible to walk through its streets where noise, lack of control and short skirts are some of its main ingredients. A place that I never imagined would exist in a country like this.

It is also Hongdae the place with the most Latin clubs in the city, even more than those in Itaewon, which turns the place into some kind of frenzy where everyone dances like crazy without thinking about tomorrow. Gastronomy is not a problem either due to the large number of existing establishments open 24 hours a day and a place where these days it is much more common to find people capable of speaking English, Spanish and even sometimes French.

Gangnam Style.

The name of this District has gone viral all over the world thanks to the musical hit released by PSY years ago, "Gangnam Style" which perfectly describes the lifestyle of the people who live and visit this place.

Gangnam - Seoul South Korea 

Located to the Southeast of the city center, Gangnam is, unlike Itaewon and Hongdae, a really expensive place where the wealthy class regularly attends for their long night parties. Famous artists of international relevance come together in their Clubs and do all kinds of things that we cannot imagine. Actors or famous K-pop idols are some of them.

Not only personalities of national origin lose their heads in Gangnam, but also international figures who visit the country every year, which is why it is common to see luxury cars such as Ferrari, Porsche or even Lamborghini parked in the streets and hundreds of girls with all type of aesthetic surgeries as if it were a Japanese Anime.

Gangnam has spectacular clubs, although many of these do not allow foreign citizens to enter. A fact which I consider quite discriminatory, however, it is a private business where each one sets their own laws and we cannot do anything about it other than go elsewhere.

A curious fact is that most nightclubs in Seoul do not allow women over 35 years of age, which I consider a wasteful and stupid policy, although everything changes if the woman in question has enough money to rent a table or a private place and the same applies to foreigners who cannot enter certain nightclubs.

In general, due to the infrastructure and development of the country, Seoul is one of the most efficient and comfortable cities in the world, which allows the experience of anyone who visits or lives in the country to be truly pleasant, especially when it comes to having fun.

Public transport systems such as the subway, bus or the Taxis themselves work perfectly and with all comfort. Something that really helps after spending a whole night dancing and enjoying the pleasures of life.

And these have been the three most volatile places in Seoul that I have shared my overview of with all of you without going into much technical detail because this article is not meant to be a tourist guide or anything like that.

To conclude I will tell you that there is something common that connects all these places and is an important part of this nation and it is prostitution, which manifests itself in different ways although with a single objective, a topic that I will be talking about in another article.