My likes

I like it when you sigh
when you smile, you look at me
i like the gentle breeze
that through your hair walks.

I like the sea and its waves
the weekend that inspires
to nights of intense love
intense forbidden nights.

I like alcohol and rock
and among many hobbies
i much prefer your kisses
being honest I confess.

I like a lot of things
of which if here I speak
i would end up crazy writing
these verses as diary.

I like when I'm not
but I know that I am present
in deep thoughts
that hide in your mind.

And more than attraction for you I feel
respect and admiration
ignore is not the answer
at the call of the heart.

I like to come and go
walking is my consolation
sometimes for no reason but
i love the sensation 
to feel that I have everything
in my life I have your love.

Of the fears that haunt
the decisions that I've made
i like to live on the edge
the life that has touched me. 

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