About me.


Clear Answer

I'm a Cuban emigrated to South Korea who, despite the distance that separates both nations, has never given up the hope of finally seeing his homeland free of Dictatorship.

I am seriously concerned about the lack of knowledge that exists at a global level regarding the evil that the implementation of Left political systems such as Communism and Socialism represents in free and democratic societies. 

The irrefutable proof of the failure of such ideologies and its serious consequences lie reflected in history, although today it is a subject of little interest to many, especially the new generation that has been born, in a different historical context. 

This has been the main reason why this space has been created among others situations of daily life. It has emerged with the hope of sharing the experiences lived by a person who has suffered such government ideologies in his own flesh and is here today alive to tell it from the perspective of a free citizen. 

I hope that my articles clarify the doubts of many regarding Cuba, a country of which many have a wrong idea and it is time to clarify them by explaining the reality that the country lives to the world. It's a social commitment, something that I must do as a Cuban.

All the content of this Blog has been written by me, based on my personal experiences. You may or may not agree with what is stated here, you are free to draw your own conclusions.