Freedom has moral limits.

"The main change in society must be in the brain of each person first, we must put aside ideologies, doctrines and thoughts that prevent us from thinking clearly and with common sense."

Being free to openly express opinions and criteria without being persecuted, attacked, excluded or marginalized by society is not a privilege, it is a right that belongs to each one of us as free citizens without taking into account the government system established in each one of our countries.

Are those of us who live in developed societies really free?

The reality is that we are not free as it should be because our freedom is conditioned in most cases by individual responsibilities or laws imposed by third parties and although all this sounds contradictory I can affirm that freedom exists but it manifests itself in different ways in each individual of our society in which I include myself.

What is happening around us?

The censorship and manipulation to which we have been exposed over the years by various government media (radio and television) and recently digital platforms (social networks) has created in many people, especially young people, a distorted concept of Freedom, its meaning and the importance of it in the advancement and social development.

As social beings we must understand that our criteria or opinions can harm others if they are not based on mutual respect. Here is the impotence of being a responsible being, a quality which many sometimes forget. On the other hand, censorship is the gag of the soul, a typical method of control used in dictatorships and oppressive regimes of governments that try to silence by force the truth that many defend.

Social responsibility.

It refers to a moral term that unfortunately not everyone understands. A term that this may be the first time you've heard due to the little promotion it receives. Social responsibility lies in being aware as an individual of what is said to others and the consequences that such opinions or arguments can cause.

A clear example of social Irresponsibility were the events that occurred some time ago with the North American Rap singer Travis Scott in Huston Texas in one of his presentations belonging to his Astroworld tour where, as a result of his statements in full concert, he provoked a violent stampede which resulted in the death of more than 8 innocent people. If you do not know what happened, I recommend you click here after reading this article so that you understand the seriousness of this whole matter.

If free expression existed without Social Responsibility, the world would be involved in chaos as it happens at this moment where people speak anything through the different existing media, without considering the consequences that their statements may entail.

It is impossible to inhabit a space where everyone uses Freedom at their convenience without having the minimum of respect for the people around them. I end this article here because the truth is that this is too abstract a topic of conversation, a subject free for everyone to interpret. This is just my opinion, the vision of the life I live, just that and nothing more. As always, be free to think for yourself and above all be responsible.