Being a communist is not bad but it is immoral.

The Cuban Dictatorship has always told the world that human rights are respected in a communist society, everyone has the same rights and duties when the reality is that the only people with rights in Cuba are those who are in favor of Communism, as long as they support the system.

Communists are the only people who can demonstrate freely in the Cuban streets as long as they do not shout slogans against the Dictatorship. They are also the only who are allowed to generate wealth in the country as long as they don't talk about the political system, otherwise they lose everything. This happens at the lowest level of society, in the same way communists have to stand in long lines to buy food and other supplies.

Members of the Communist Party of Cuba. (PCC)

The communists who form the Dictatorship, have all the rights that people who live in a Capitalist government system have.

Everyone has the right to private property, to travel freely, to receive a decent salary, to have a good diet, to receive good medical care, etc. Despite the fact that all these people have power in the country, if they decide to express what happens, they lose all their privileges and are exiled from the country.

The conclusion of this article is that the Dictatorships fear the free expression of citizens, that's why they use violence to keep them quiet. Being a communist does not protect you from the system, it makes you a slave. Not even the communists themselves have legitimate rights in a Dictatorship. Nobody's human rights are respected in Cuba.