Environmental care. The perfect marketing campaign.

Due to development, a natural process to which humanity has been subjected for decades. The place where we all live, the planet Earth, has been affected by the imminent impact that the application of various technologies that make our world a more comfortable and practical place but, on the other hand, considerably damage our ecosystem.

It is no secret to anyone the serious damage caused to our planet by the toxic greenhouse gases that emanate into the atmosphere daily from factories and automobiles or the constant extraction of minerals and fossil fuels that to a great extent directly cause displacement or the extinction of animals that inhabit a certain region of the planet.

I firmly believe that the human being as a species does not have the power or the destructive capacity to kill our planet because the world in which we live is a complex ecosystem that has been subject to processes throughout its history. Climate change has been and is a natural regulation process carried out by the earth which has been repeated throughout its history however, human being is considered a serious threat to this.


Why do big companies go to such lengths to publicly demonstrate their concern for the environment? 

The reality is that today there are millions of people who identify the environmental cause, in fact, today, it is very popular to be vegetarian or vegan. Large companies are aware of this type of behavior in people and try to create potential clients who will usually pay more for a specialized service aimed especially at it. Let us all remember that leading a healthy life in close connection with nature has always been the slogan, something I agree with, but:

Does the environment really matter to large companies?

The answer is No. And to prove this statement here are my arguments.

The environmental impact that fishing represents for our planet.

Millions of fish die each year as a result of the fishing nets that are abandoned at sea every day, which constitute the biggest cause of marine pollution in the world, of which nobody speaks, including the large organizations that claim to protect the ocean and promote an environment sustainable. Please visit this space for more information.

The organizations involved in these matter have taken it upon themselves for decades to blaming ordinary people for ocean pollution, however, they do not dare to speak about this particular issue because it would mean a legal battle against the world's large fishing companies.

Something similar occurs with the large hectares of wildlife on the planet, which are being consumed by the territorial expansion of human beings in order to establish economic activities such as agriculture or the extraction of natural minerals.

If organizations like  WWF, WCS, or EDF really want to stop or at least reduce the impact of the industries on the planet's pollution, the perfect solution would be to tell us the truth. There are really important issues that all these companies don't make public because they know the consequences.

The case of cell phones is quite curious because many of these companies have decided to remove a charger that must come in the box of any phone for it to function correctly with the discourse stating that the establishment of these market policies will have a direct and positive impact on the environment when it is false. These policies only have an impact on the user who must compare the same charger but separately. 

All this is about an economic issue where said action is carried out in order to cut shipping and production costs. 

If companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi really wanted to help the environment, they would manufacture a cell phone every 3 or 4 years, in this way they would stop using millions of tons of natural resources each year and it would also be more interesting for the customer due to because the change between the same generations in these smartphones would be quite different for the users of each company, although this does not happen because every large company has as its main purpose to sell and generate more money. The environmental issue for these people is just one more piece of marketing and how clients have accepted it, then it is not their fault but ours.

Electricity moves us to the future.

Several years ago, electric energy has been implemented in vehicles of all kinds in order to eliminate the use of fossil resources such as oil and its derivatives in modern means of transport. All this energetic revolution is being, for many, largely the solution to the problem of air pollution, but they forget an interesting detail.

Where does the energy that powers these electrical machines come from?

To create a really "clean" car, clean energy such as sunlight, wind power or hydropower should be used as the main source of power, otherwise, everything is pure marketing to generate more sales by making people believe that they do something positive for the planet by buying an electric car when it is true. The energy that powers any electric car that travels through our city comes from and has been generated in a thermoelectric plant that works with fossil fuel. Energy is not created, it is transformed. You do not take care of the environment by having one of these machines, you only intend to take care of your image.

I have talked about cell phones and electric cars because they are the perfect example of how marketing is used for economic and not moral reasons to give us a different view of reality and thus make us pay with our time to obtain some of the products offered by many of the companies involved.

Thousands of people die each year in their eagerness to show the world the truth about all the business that really exists behind the campaigns that supposedly care for the environment. Precisely because of these people we must investigate and understand what really are the problems that affect the human being as a species and with this, give them a solution. 

Is not enough to just remove plastic labels on water bottles or other containers, prevent indiscriminate felling of trees throughout the world as well as indiscriminate hunting and fishing in protected areas of the planet. We must pay attention to the bigger problem! If you really want to do something for your environment, start by doing something for yourself.