How good is the Cuban passport?

The Cubans live on a Prison Island called Cuba. An island surrounded by water from which you can only get out by boat or plane. For decades, Cubans have found a way out of that hell through legal or illegal means. Thousands and thousands of Cubans have died at sea trying to reach the United States of America seeking Freedom and Democracy, others have disappeared in the jungles of Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and another group has left the country legally but to carry out this process it is necessary to have a passport.

For anyone in the world, having a passport is a common thing but for Cubans, obtaining a passport is not an easy task, not only because of the price. In Cuba Military service is mandatory for all young people between the ages of 18 and 26. (In the case of women it is voluntary) I tell you this because it is almost impossible to obtain your passport if you have not previously completed the Military Service which is for a period of 2 years. We are talking about a country that has never been under threat of an international attack but even so, the Cuban Military Dictatorship in its eagerness to create young communists, continues with its policy of Mandatory Military Service where many young Cubans die every year as a result of accidents due to Cuban weapons which is old and obsolete.

*In Cuba the weapons belong to the period of the Second World War. These weapons were donated to Cuba from Russia.

Due to the deep corruption that exists, it is possible to pay military leaders and in this way you can obtain the document that certifies your participation in the Military Service. We are talking about sums of money up to $ 500. (Minimum wage 20 dollars a month) So it is almost impossible for millions to use this route.

How much does the Cuban passport cost and why is it the worst and most expensive in the world?

The current price of the Cuban passport is 100 dollars which sounds cheap but it is not. As I already told you, the minimum wage in Cuba is 20 dollars a month, with this money the Cuban must eat, buy clothes, shoes and pay utilities. Having a passport in Cuba is a luxury when for anyone in the world it is a necessity!

Cubans survive thanks to the black market created by the Cuban Military Dictatorship. They know that they are incapable of meeting the needs of the people, which is why they allow all the illegalities that exist. The Cuban passport, on the other hand, has a very poor quality confection and is valid for a period of only 6 years! This passport is also useless to travel to the most interesting countries in the world. According to the Cuban military dictatorship, there are 100 countries to which Cubans can travel without the need for a Visa but, the problem is that 99.9% of these countries are poor countries that no one visits to take their vacations.

Absurd laws.​​

If a Cuban (like me) decides to leave the country permanently and resides outside for a period of 2 years, he automatically loses Cuban citizenship.

If a person owns any property, after 2 years outside the country he loses it and it passes into the hands of the Government. To avoid such abuse, you must give your property to a member of your family and carry out this entire process, which is extremely stressful. But that is not all... After 2 years of your stay outside of Cuba, if you want to return to your own country for any reason, you must pay a fee that is around 150 or 200 dollars which is reflected in a stamp that they place in your passport. We are no longer talking about $ 100, which is the original cost of the passport, to this we must add $ 200. But this is not enough for the Cuban Military Dictatorship, they want to obtain more money from each Cuban resident outside the country.

Cuba does not admit dual citizenship but the problem is the following:

After 6 years out of Cuba, a Cuban with the nationality of another country, cannot enter Cuba (his country of origin) with his new passport. To enter Cuba, they must do it exclusively with the Cuban passport, which forces each Cuban abroad to renew his passport every 6 years at a cost of around 350 dollars and pay a fee every 2 years only for enter Cuba. This is a trap! If a Cuban who lives abroad enters Cuba with a Cuban passport, even if he has another nationality, he abides by Cuban laws and will be treated as such. This law allows the Cuban Dictatorship to do anything against you. It has happened thousands of times that Cubans protest outside Cuba against the Dictatorship and when they return to Cuba either they are not allowed to enter the country or worse. They do not let them leave and can also fabricate false crimes just because they think differently and do not agree with the system. In Cuba human rights are violated every day, 24 hours a day.

The real cost of the Cuban passport is:
100 + 200 + 350 = 650 dollars

​*This price is different depending on the country.

Personally i will never see my family again while there is a Dictatorship there, I refuse to pay a fee every 2 years, I refuse to renew a passport that only works to enter Cuba, I refuse to financially support a System that does not care about the people and does anything for money. Cuba is not a tropical paradise, there is a Dictatorship. Search the meaning of this term on Google so that you understand the seriousness of this matter. For all these reasons the Cuban passport is: The curse of every free Cuban, the worst passport in the world!