2023 My New Year’s Resolution.

I have lost count of how many articles I have written for this Space talking about everything I have experienced and my opinion regarding events that happen around me and throughout the world and although writing has become a necessity, the idea of ​​continuing writing without being listened to terrifies me, although on the other hand it also motivates me. 

Writing honestly is not enough and even if it were, I am just a person who wants to communicate something to the world but still does not know for sure how the Google algorithm works, among many other technical details however none of this will stop me. Criticism is the mother of self-improvement as long as it is established on the basis of respect.

There is no time to fear failure because success is the sum of many mistakes. I'm not interested in being right. I'm not here to entertain anyone while the world is falling apart. I am not a judge or a politician, I am a person free of thoughts who has no commitments to anyone beyond his own conscience. It is time to do something that marks our times forever.

Reflecting on matters of collective interest is beautiful. A great way to educate and be educated regardless of our cultures. At the end of the day, we only live once but our actions in life will make us eternal beings in the minds of friends, family and new generations. Being alive offers us an immensity of possibilities and one of them is to create a better place where we can all live together in peace and for this, communication between us is essential.

There are too many important matters to deal with, I don't want to waste time. I've tried to talk about simple things but I honestly can't do it. It does me good to write topics that sometimes many of us don't understand or don't want to hear because unfortunately society pushes us to act that way. In the same way, I am happy that many of my articles have not been censored so far because of my language which can become violent on many occasions.

A new year is synonymous with new challenges, experiences and emotions. It is time for something new to be learned. It is time to rectify our past mistakes, raise our heads and continue the march.

Thanks you very much to all the people who spend part of their precious time to read what I write having such busy lives.

2023 Here we go!