China takes an important step towards Freedom.

It would be impossible for many to think that a people like the Chinese, who have been controlled at will for all these years, would have enough courage to assume the responsibility that fighting for their freedom and democracy represents. Fact that demonstrates once how uncontrollable human nature can become.

It was a matter of time before events like the ones that are now news in the world occurred in China where large groups of people in different parts of this country have taken to the streets in protest, demanding with them natural rights after decades of oppression by the Chinese Communist Party. Society is reaching a point where living in the absence of essential freedoms has become impossible and a challenge for each government of our respective countries.

Under what circumstances have these protests occurred?

Since the appearance of the COVID 19 Virus in the Chinese province of Wuhan, the country has experienced an even worse situation than the existing one where repression by the current government Dictatorship has been increasing and has been the most effective form of social control. Thousands of Chinese families have been forced to live in chaotic living conditions unbefitting of any human being. Behavior typical of States in Dictatorship where the right of each citizen is at the mercy of a group of determined people demonstrating once again the evil of Socialism which does not work even if it applies free market policies. It is impossible for a human being to develop his life without essential freedoms such as freedom of expression, assembly or movement.

The beginning of a revolutionary process.

After numerous events such as traffic accidents and fires where a large number of people have suddenly and mysteriously lost their lives as a result of the isolation measures imposed by the CCP. The working class of the country located in its large cities such as Shanghai has publicly shown its discontent with the current System of Government and its policies. The clearest example of the above approach has been the workers of one of the largest iPhone factories located in the province of Zhengzhou who have protested against the authorities for several days now, demanding labor improvements, medical attention and the cessation of the current measures imposed by the Chinese Dictatorship, which means maintaining a state of forced isolation in order to avoid a supposed new outbreak of COVID 19. 

After all the situation and being impossible to work under these conditions, the workers have decided to stop production and demand their rights. It should be noted that as in any revolutionary process, those most affected are the first to raise their voices despite the consequences that this act constitutes and all the manipulation that exists on the part of the State, which affirms that the protests have been orchestrated by North American organizations or from other nations. The same justification that the Cuban Military Dictatorship has used for decades. An obsolete speech which no one believes these days, an insult to the intellect and the reasoning capacity of any free person.

What has been the position taken by Apple regarding the incidents that occurred in the largest manufacturer of mobile devices of this brand?

After all the chaos that occurred in the facilities that give life to a wide range of Apple devices, the company has not ruled on the matter or made statements that position it and its managers in the eye of the media hurricane that is happening right now. All this situation takes place in the middle of a battle of egos where said company threatens to remove the Twitter App from its platform and with it the access to it for millions of users who use Apple services. Perfect reason for Elon Musk (Current owner of Twitter) to launch all kinds of statements against this company where he accuses it of promoting censorship.

Large corporations like the ones mentioned above will never assume a firm and critical stance in the face of events like those taking place in China today. Unfortunately, they are not of interest or priority for their directors, due in many cases to ties and economic agreements currently existing between both nations. Private property must be respected, everyone is free to say what they feel and keep quiet  what they want, but in situations like these where people lose their lives for just demanding their rights, we need as a society the voice, pressure and support of the all large companies who owe their success to us consumers.

CCP response to the people's cry for freedom.

Violence summed up in physical and mental repression have always been the response of totalitarian states to their own people's cry for help. The implementation of a policy of fear makes people fear the system, avoiding any type of rebellion with it. Policy which applies in the same way in each of the countries in currently existing dictatorships and a topic which I have explained in previous articles. Governments like the Chinese will never seek a solution to the ills that affect the country in a democratic and respectful way. It is a group of criminals who have come to power through other ways that are far from the Law.

Washington's position on these events.

As expected, the Democratic Administration led by Joe Biden completely distances itself from all the events that have occurred in Chinese territory, focusing its efforts and resources mainly on protecting Taiwan from the threats of a supposed military invasion by the current Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Action which clearly demonstrates what are the priorities of the current US government administration.

The protests that take place in China as well as in Cuba have been the greatest challenge for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) since 1989, when on that occasion the people took to the streets to demand the removal from power of the then current president in question. One more example of the refusal of the people to accept Communism as a form of Government because it simply promotes exploitation, abuse of power and the subtraction of basic freedoms of each human being. Society is waking up.