The power of Socialist Propaganda.

The Military Dictatorship of the Republic of Cuba has launched a campaign inside and outside the country through national television and social networks where it tries to demonstrate that the peaceful protests that occurred on July 21, 2021 in more than 30 locations in Cuban territory have financially financed by the North American Government led by the Joe Biden Administration (president democratically elected by the American people) thus creating, in this way, a division of criteria in international opinion that still continues to believe and accept this discourse for mere economic reasons.

In addition, it is intended to make believe that the people who took to the streets in search of freedom are criminals and that they have carried out these acts for money when all these statements are false, a complete manipulation and an insult to the morals of all young students and workers who heroically were part of these events.

The lie turned into truth.

This strategy is not new, it has been used over and over and over again by the Cuban Dictatorship throughout all these long years, which consists of repeating a lie hundreds of times to turn it into an absolute truth and with this, diverts attention from the main problem that affects the Cuban citizen, which is the lack of mental, social and economic freedom.

The fear of Cuban protesters.

Although going out to ask for Freedom in the Cuban streets is a fact that supposes extreme heroism taking into account everything that has been explained in previous articles. Cubans still fear the project of creative repression that the Dictatorship has developed to combat or completely eliminate the appearance of these events. Strategies of all kinds are used, but the most common these days is to allow people to protest in rural areas of the country while non-uniformed individuals at the service of the Government secretly take photos and videos of the personnel who participate, then after the event take personal reprisals against them where blackmail, threats and intimidation have been the main ways. On the other hand, in more crowded cities or areas of the country where there are independent media outlets and where many of the citizens who participate in these protests have access to the internet through their cell phones and with this they can show the events in real time.  

The Dictatorship uses another strategy. It is about removing the uniform from the police, military or other repressive forces belonging to the Government in order to make international public opinion believe that there is a large group of Cubans in favor of the system and others against it. Who fight each other in defense of their ideals. In this way, hundreds of police and military personnel (with military training in combat sports and self-defense) physically attack unarmed civilians, all with the consent of the State.

Plan B.

In case none of the aforementioned were enough and to finally prevent the right of the people from prevailing over the whims of their rulers. The Dictatorship forces through threats workers, students, young people who attend the Compulsory Military Service among other sectors of society to carry out demonstrations in favor of the Dictatorship to demonstrate that there is still a sector of society that supports its policies. Similarly, to prevent the demonstrations carried out in favor of the Dictatorship from being interrupted by other Cubans who oppose the current system of government. It closes the streets, militarizes the areas near the event, suspends public transportation for the population as well as Internet service, and offers transportation only to those people present at said event. In the same way, it also offers free food among other economic stimulants to the participants in order to always have the situation under control.

The virtual battlefield.

The arrival and implementation of the Internet service in Cuba has changed many things. It has unleashed an important wave of information from thousands of users residing on the island who have been in charge of showing the world the Cuban nightmare. The spread of all this information on the web has caused millions of people from all over the world to have access and gain knowledge about the current reality that exists in Cuba and all this has set off the alarms of the State that has taken measures to at least stop all this wave of truths creating with it a computer army coming mostly from the UCI (University of Computer Sciences) based in Havana as well as other people who obtain benefits of various kinds for doing this work. Whose objective is mainly to monitor mail and other messaging services of daily use in the lives of Cubans, thus manipulating in some way the information that leaves and enters the country. All this happens because there is only one company that provides the national Internet service and it belongs to the Government. These computer scientists also interfere with the quality of the Internet signal that each Cuban receives on their mobile phone, thus reducing the speed of the service and preventing two videos and other files from being sent abroad that denounce the abuses that are taking place in the entire country.

The aspirations of the Dictatorship.

Despite all this, the Cuban State asks its citizens for patience, reporting that the current situation in which the country finds itself submerged is temporary and is nothing more than the sum of many external problems that have affected these days. Problems such as the economic crisis caused by the tense situation that the nations of the world are experiencing or the policy of the Government of the United States of America towards Cuba. Speech worn and repeated for years which nobody believes because it is obsolete. The implementation of all the aforementioned methods of repression is nothing more than a clear warning…

"Your prayers will not be heard, we are the owners of the country and with it, everything that inhabits our land belongs to us." Thus leaving the Cuban with only one option. Fight for his future.