Cuban Police. Among the best in the world.

"The police exist to protect citizen interests"

Unfortunately, police abuses occur in all countries of the world, the only difference is that in countries where there is democracy, police officers who commit crimes are brought to trial and punished for their crimes however, this is not the case in socialist countries. How are Cuban police recruited?

In Cuba there are academies where thousands of police officers are recruited. A regular policeman (policeman who provides services on the street) only needs a period of 6 months of preparation to carry out his work. Unlike any policeman in the world, Cuban policemen do not need to have higher education to practice this profession. Anyone can be a police officer and if they are people without studies, much better for the Dictatorship is because they only needs people who follow orders, people who do not have the ability to analyze situations. To achieve this, the Dictatorship looks to young residents in rural areas of the country for an option. Due to the poverty and need in which Cuba has lived for more than 60 years, it is easy to convince these people. In addition to paying a sum of money above the average, the Dictatorship promises to grant housing in the capital (Havana) to anyone who assumes this responsibility, with the sole condition of following all the assigned orders. To make this practice a perfect plan, the Dictatorship forces those who decide to be policemen to swear in front the law to serve for a minimum period of 5 years, which forces these people to continue working even against their own will in case they wish to stop practicing the profession.

*In Cuba a policeman charges more than an engineer, a teacher or a doctor.

The monetary insult it is a bribery practice that the Dictatorship uses to force people to carry out certain actions. In this way, by paying large sums of money to Cuban policemen, society is kept under control through fear and violence. People without morals or education. The Cuban political police respond exclusively to the interests of the Dictatorship, so their function is not to protect the people, but to mistreat them unlike other democratic countries across the world.

As you have heard in Cuba the police are the law, they can do whatever they want against citizens even without wearing the uniform that identifies them as police officers. Due to the low educational level that these people have, it is impossible to talk with them to solve any situation, they apply force in most cases. They are also in charge of beating Cubans themselves who decide to express themselves freely, persecuting and harassing small Cuban entrepreneurs who try to grow their businesses and they are the same ones who attack young Cubans every day for just being different from the rest of society. This is precisely the reason why no one wants to be a police officer.

Despite the lack of medicines that exist in the country and the large number of accidents that occur daily, due to the poor conditions in which the entire infrastructure that supports the country is found. The Cuban Military Dictatorship uses more money to buy repressive tools than to buy medical supplies. Between 2018 - 2019, they spent more than 2 million euros in the purchase of anti-riot weapons from the Government of Spain. This makes clear what is the position of the Dictatorship in the face of the complaints of the Cuban people.

High level corruption in the police force.

These people have impunity before the law, a fact that allows them to steal, intimidate other citizens to take away their belongings and even rape minors. In Cuba there have been numerous cases of minors who have been raped by the police and justice is simply no done. On the other hand, there are thousands of undercover officers who act secretly in favor of the Dictatorship. The work of these people without morals is to expose any action that is carried out within the country to achieve Freedom in the same way these people also expose Cubans with success in the economic sector. The Cuban police is the whip that whips the common citizen.