Cuban health care and education systems.

Cuba is a country with a communist government system, where there is only one political party (PCC) and the power of the country is centered in a family (Castro) that is in charge of governing the country. For decades, the Cuban Military Dictatorship has been in charge of showing the world the Cuban education and health system as one of the most efficient in the world and as well as free access to the entire population. In a society where everyone has the same rights and duties.​

There have been more than 62 years of lies directed at the international community.

Do you really believe that the Government has the economic capacity to support a free education and health system for an entire country? 

Where does the Government get the money to support these social sectors?

The health and education system in Cuba is not free because you pay for it with your life. To support a free education and health system in a country, it must be a rich country, where citizens, with the payment of their taxes cover the proper functioning of these public systems. In Cuba it cannot be possible because is a poor third world country. Then:

How can this be possible?

First I will tell you about the Cuban educational system because in a society it is impossible to forge doctors without schools.

Cuba's educational system is inefficient and has deteriorated further over time. Schools are in terrible condition where the children suffer a very bad diet. In a warm country like Cuba, the children do not have air conditioning in the classrooms, they do not have access to the Internet, among other problems.

The worst thing about the Cuban System Education is that the teachers do not teach the children human values. They only limit themselves to showing children the history that the Dictatorship has manipulated and its benefit. They learn that Fidel is some kind of God, that the United States is our enemy and that we Cubans must defend the ideas of the PCC otherwise we can die. The same teaching system used by the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler.​

Fear in Cuba begins from childhood.

Teachers have practically no option, if they decide to speak the reality of Cuban history to their students, they are sanctioned or expelled from their work centers. The monthly salary is another huge problem.
Each elementary school teacher earns approximately $ 20 per month. This is just ridiculous! College teachers earn around $ 30, and none of them even own a car or motorcycle to take them to work. There is also a double currency system which further divides society. In the first article written in this blog I have explained this phenomenon in a simple way, you can read it if you wish. Although I will write an article explaining this phenomenon in detail.

There are no private schools in Cuba because it is illegal for ordinary people to develop this service however the Government does have private schools at their service. The Communists apply socialism to the people and they live in Capitalism with all the luxuries and privileges.​

The Cuban dictatorship has private schools where only children of foreigners residing in Cuba attend. Schools which are not free and the government charges quite high sums of money. We are talking about more than $ 1,000 per semester. The same happens with the children of the rulers, who own their own private schools. These schools have all the conditions, good food, air conditioning, a recreational area for children, Internet, a cold and hot water system, etc.

Education is not free, the money that the government uses in this sector comes from the hard work of all the people who work every day and have terrible salaries, we speak of 15 to 60 dollars a month. That is why in Cuba the black market is necessary. Talking about the Cuban medical system is painful for me because I have personally suffered the consequences.

The Cuban Military Dictatorship for decades has blamed the United States and its policies for the malfunctioning of Cuba.

At present, this sector of Cuban society is practically destroyed. The hospitals are in terrible condition, there are no medicines or medical equipment for the population, the doctors do not want to work as a result of low wages and the doctors cannot protest about it either because there is no free expressionist. If a doctor criticizes the system and opposes its policies, his work will never be recognized again. Doctors also do not have modern technology, they do not have Internet, so their knowledge is quite limited.

Let's talk about modern slavery.​

The Cuban Military Dictatorship for decades has shown its "international solidarity" by sending Cuban doctors to other countries in the world to supposedly help. Now I explain this lie and its objective.

The Cuban Military Dictatorship collects millionaire contracts from the governments that accept these doctors in these international missions. The worst of all this is that doctors only get a small part of the money from this work contract because the largest % goes to the Castro Family, owners of the country. For example.

For every single doctor outside the country, the Cuban Military Dictatorship obtains $ 5,000 but only pays these $ 500. Doctors have no choice. 500 dollars is impossible to obtain in Cuba for a common worker, so the doctors assume that this is a "privilege" but when many of them leaves the country and see reality, the majority decided to abandon the mission but...
Doctors are also warned by the Dictatorship.​
If a Cuban doctor decides to leave the "mission" and stay in the country where he provides services, the Dictatorship punishes them, first, it does not pay them their money and then, prohibits these from entering their country of origin (Cuba) for a period of 8 years! Most doctors for fear of not being able to see their relatives for this period of time accept, others do not and abandon the mission in search of freedom.

This is called the politics of fear and the Cuban Dictatorship has implemented it in every Cuban for decades. The UN (United Nations) cataloged these practices carried out by the Cuban Military Dictatorship: Modern Slavery.

After this global scandal, many countries refused to dispense with the services of these Cuban doctors because they realized that the Cuban government is only trying to be richer, to earn money at any cost, while the Cuban people live in misery. On the other hand, the Cuban military dictatorship has Capitalist Hospitals with all available resources but these are not for public use. In these hospitals, foreigners who can pay for the expensive service demanded there and for the families of the rulers are cared for. There are medicines but they are available only in these hospitals or in hotel stores. Due to their high price, it is impossible for the regular citizen to obtain them. Because of this, many people die every day from curable diseases meanwhile The Cuban Military Dictatorship blames the United States for all these problems.

The same thing that happens in education happens in medicine, the Government does not provide these terrible services for free, the money comes from the small producer who earns a miserable salary.