Cuban doctors speak to the world.

After the first cases of infection on the island were reported by Cuban authorities as a result of the arrival of personnel to the same carrier of the Covid 19 virus, which has spread rapidly and uncontrollably throughout the territory due in many cases to lack of hygiene, medical personnel, health resources and incapacity of the current Government System. At the time I write this article, the death toll in Cuba as a result of this Pandemic amounts to more than 4,000 with more than 9,000 infections reported daily. These are the official figures provided by the Cuban Dictatorship to the international press, figures which, in my opinion, are not real because for all these years, it has dedicated itself to lying and manipulating information of all kinds at its convenience, thus eliminating the little credibility that some still had for said System, which means that the real number of contagious deaths exceeds the official figures by at least 10%.

After all this situation, hundreds of Cuban doctors have publicly denounced through social networks the working conditions to which they have been subjected and the lack of interest on the part of the Dictatorship to provide an effective solution in order to solve all this problem being the first time in 62 years that Cuban doctors express their dissatisfaction and disagreement with the System in a historical event that has never occurred before. 

As many should know, in Cuba there are no drugs in pharmacies, hospitals are in terrible conditions, doctors do not have enough quality surgical material to care for patients, among other serious problems that exist in this sector of Cuban society due to that all these services belong entirely to the State.

Many are the deceased in Cuba due to the lack of medicines that are generally in common use, easy to find in any free country where Private Property exists and is respected, even without a prescription. Many patients arrive at Cuban hospitals with symptoms of some disease, but since there is no correct care protocol, qualified personnel or medicines for proper treatment, these people worsen their condition and then die.

The Cuban black market and its importance in society.

In Cuba, relatives of sick or disabled people see the obligation to acquire the necessary medicines on the country's black market or even outside of it at extremely high prices in order to preserve the life of their relative. All products of the monopoly established by the Castro family that prevents the existence of private hospitals and pharmacies in the country, destroying with it the infrastructure of this sector, the most important in a country. Let us also remember that Cuban doctors run the risk of contagion by carrying out their work without adequate medical material or worse yet, they run the risk of transporting the virus to their homes and making their own family sick, as has already happened.

Without enough space in the cemeteries due to the large number of victims, the Cuban Military Dictatorship has ordered the digging of mass graves where a large number of people are buried at the same time, something similar to what happened in the Holocaust, a truly unfortunate fact that many Cuban families have denounced.

All this situation and more have been the fundamental cause for which Cuban doctors have raised their voices. Always in fear of being physically repressed, sanctioned, fined or threatened by the System, although seeing the historical moment that the Nation is going through, remaining silent only makes things worse and Cuban doctors know it. As they also know that the Cuban Government Regime only acts when pressured by public opinion or by the people themselves, that is why it is important to denounce the evils that affect Cuban society and make them public.

A government without responsibility.

What has been the position adopted by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in this situation?

Although it seems incredible, the Cuban dictatorship has blamed its own doctors for the human losses. As expected and with the greatest cynicism in the world, the Cuban State in its aggressive, arrogant and criminal nature, has not taken any responsibility for the events that occurred.

As absurd as it may seem to many to hear this, the Cuban government system has publicly declared on national television that the majority of the loss of human life has occurred as a result of indiscipline or medical malpractice and not due to the mismanagement of the existing government where Economic funds are not allocated to the reconstruction of the country's health system, but instead state military companies have enough money to build hotels and other businesses. These actions are clearly a total demonstration of disinterest, abuse of power and, above all, lack of human values ​​of all kinds on the part of a group of vagrants such as the Cuban leaders.

Blatant lying without taking into account the suffering of people who have lost a loved one demonstrates all the evil that comes with the application and establishment of a Socialist Communist system of Government. It is not that these ideologies are being misapplied in society, it is that in practice they do not work and end up enslaving millions of people.

After the peaceful protests carried out on July 11, 2021  throughout Cuba, the massive rejection of the Cuban people to the current Government Regime has been reaffirmed. The demands and complaints of Cuban doctors is the unequivocal sign of the generational change in Cuban society. Young people do not want more Communism in Cuba we want Freedom and above all Justice!