Cuba produces vaccine against Covid 19. Achievements of Communism.

After all the world chaos caused by the appearance of the Covid 19 virus, whose origin is still known exactly. The Cuban Dictatorship took on the task of creating a vaccine that would combat its effects, thus creating expectations in many countries of the world. It should be noted that the alleged vaccine is not a vaccine in itself, it is actually a Vaccine Candidate, that is, a vaccine not approved by any International Health institution.

The handling of the pandemic in Cuba by the current government system was always a disaster from the beginning.
How has been explaining in previous articles. Cuba lacks medicines, personnel, and sanitary conditions that allow them to deal with complex health situations, and this has been the case for decades. Cuban hospitals are in very poor condition and doctors do not want to work due to low wages, among other situations. Even so, and under these circumstances, the Dictatorship embarks on the adventure of creating a drug that requires personnel, knowledge, technology and, above all, a lot of money, and the question is as follows:

Why does the Cuban Dictatorship use resources to produce a vaccine when buying it is much easier and cheaper?

In addition to ego, the main reason why this idea was conceived turned out to be selling it to other underdeveloped or developing countries that still believe the lie that places the Cuban medical system as one of the best and most efficient in the world. This was the main reason why the production of such a drug was decided.

*South Korea, a free and developed first world country, after the spread of the pandemic decided to buy vaccines from other countries due to their high production cost. Producing and distributing the vaccines against Covid 19 involved a cost of more than 100,000 million dollars, figures that the Government of this country did not assume and decided to use it in other sectors of society.
How is it possible that the Cuban Dictatorship uses the few resources it has to develop a vaccine that only first world countries can produce, while people die in the country itself due to lack of basic medicines and medical care?
The Cuban rulers do not care at all about the welfare of the people, which is why they place economic assets ahead of the lives of citizens. In addition, this behavior is intended to manipulate public opinion showing false scientific and technological advances despite the North American embargo. Which sums up this whole process to a political and not a humanitarian issue.

It is only convenient for the Cuban Dictatorship to have international support in order to further legitimize its State of Power disguised as a Government and thereby obtain economic benefits such as donations of all kinds made by countries with similar government regimes such as Russia, China etc. Although there are also several Free and Democratic countries that participate in such acts.

The master plan.

To achieve the credibility of any medicine and thus its effectiveness. It must be tested on a certain number of individuals. And the experiment that in any free country in the world is first carried out on animals, in Cuba is carried out on people. The PCC (Cuban Communist Party) ordered these vaccines to be applied to the Cuban population without assuming a minimum of responsibility for the consequences that it could have on patients, the vast majority of whom are between the ages of 18 and 50. This vaccination process was established on a mandatory basis, where entire families were warned about the consequences that not getting vaccinated would bring to their members, consequences that would be, for example, losing your job if you were employed in a state business. In this way and under these circumstances, the Dictatorship tested its vaccine on a large % of the population and then manipulated the numbers and showed its effectiveness to World Health entities in order to be able to market it.

No mercy.

The total number of people infected in Cuba is currently unknown exactly due mainly to the occultism of the State, a fact that has set off the alarms of the citizens who inhabit the country. In addition to all this, Cuba is going through the worst food crisis in history where Cubans buy their food thanks to donations, all this due to the restrictions imposed by the Dictatorship itself, which prevents the private production of small businesses that live there and where In addition, it is unable to meet the basic needs of citizens.

*It is also good to point out that there is a free vaccine of Chinese origin granted by the WHO (World Health Organization) to poor countries or countries with few resources in case of emergencies such as the one experienced by the Cuban people, but it turns out that the dictatorship refuses to obtain them because for them it is a priority to maintain the lie that shows the country as a "Medical Power" in the eyes of the world. An underdeveloped third world country uses resources to create a vaccine against a Virus while a people demands their Freedom and although more than 2 years have passed since the start of the Pandemic and this article may have arrived a little late, I firmly believe that it is never late when it comes to speaking the truth.