Donations to Cuba.

Many people will tell me that it is inhumane and unfair not to help a poor country like Cuba with food, medicine, and other things but the reality is the following: It is not ethical to make any donation to Cuba because once the products arrive in the country, the Cuban organizations in charge, keep these products and then sell them to the citizens in dollars at very high prices. This is the answer to the title of this article, but since you all need to know the truth, I will explain everything in detail.

For more than 60 years, the Cuban Dictatorship under the command of the late Dictator Fidel Castro, was in charge of publishing Communist propaganda all over the world that placed Cuba as a victim of the United States and because of all of this Cuba was, in the eyes of the world, a country economically blocked by the world's largest economy (USA) and only 90 miles away. This has been the discourse of the Cuban Dictatorship for decades, which is a lie and a pattern to be followed by all Dictatorships. They always blame other countries for their own misfortunes, in this way they are free of any responsibility for their mistakes and failures. Because of this worldwide propaganda, many countries through international institutions decide to make free donations to Cuba. The funny thing about this is that the entire process must be carried out through a Cuban institution that belongs to the Dictatorship. Donations are never delivered directly to the Cuban people because these institutions do not allow it. 

Everything that is sent to Cuba falls into the hands of the Dictatorship first and then they decide what to do.

Cuba is a country in the middle of the Caribbean, which, due to its geographical location, is the victim of cyclones and hurricanes almost every year. As a result of these meteorological events, millions of Cubans have lost their homes and due to the housing policy that operates in Cuba, many families find it impossible to build or buy their own house. The dictatorship in the eyes of public opinion helps some families by providing them with construction materials so that they can somehow repair their homes. The construction materials are not free and citizens must pay for it. Why am I explaining this to you?

It happens that due to these events, billions of dollars arrive into the country every year.

These donations, once in the hands of the Dictatorship, are distributed to the members of the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba) then the rest are distributed in stores to be sold to the population at high prices. That is why in Cuba there are still millions of homeless families as a result of these meteorological events. A very interesting anecdote happened in July 2005 when Cuba was hit by Hurricane Denis, leaving more than 80,000 Cuban families homeless. At that time, the United States Administration decided to make a donation to Cuba valued at more than 50,000 dollars with the only condition that all would be distributed directly to the people and Fidel at that time refused and accused the attitude of the United States government as cynical and hypocrite. Typical of a liar, murderer and manipulator like Fidel was. Cases have been reported of products that still have the UNICEF stamp of donation and even so, the Dictatorship sells them in Cuban stores. Dictators do not care about the people, for them people are slaves, they are just numbers.

How can it be explained that medicine donations arrive in Cuba every year but Cuban pharmacies do not have supplies?

The answer to this question is in the hotel stores or in the pharmacies where the dictatorship treats foreign patients. All the Medicines that are sent to Cuba for free, are selling at very high prices. As a result of these practices, people suffer from many diseases which can be treated by simple drugs which cannot be acquired by the population. Many of these diseases are linked to poor hygiene due to the lack of products such as soap, shampoo, skin cream etc. Products that anyone can buy in a country where human rights are respected. The case of food is the most painful because the Cuban economy has been destroyed because of Communism - Socialist, preventing and limiting the production of food throughout the country. Donations of products such as oil, rice, wheat flour, chicken, among others, have been a source of wealth for the Cuban Dictatorship for many years.

The average Cuban has a diet based on rice, beans and bread, as a source of protein the people eats mainly chicken, eggs and pork. It is difficult to find fish since the fishing industry is in the hands of the Dictatorship and the fish that is caught in Cuban waters is directed for export while the population does not eat fish being the country an island. Beef is prohibited, many people are in prison for selling this meat, and vegetables are difficult to obtain due to the limitations that peasants have. Unfortunately, citizens only get the the last that the Dictatorship gives them. The foods that are sold at cheap prices are very bad hygiene. Now:

Why do many countries continue to send donations to Cuba if they know that there is a Dictatorship in this country? 

Most of the countries that send donations to Cuba do so out of pity, these countries do not want to be burdened with the: Bourgeois guilt.
This term refers to people or institutions that are rich but, in their eagerness to help the poor people, they only donate part of their money as a fast solution when the ideal solution would be go to the root of the problem and eliminate it so in this way these people leave the poverty and they start to live a dignified life.

Donations work when they are well done but they are not the solution for a country like Cuba, where its leaders live in Capitalism with all the luxuries and the citizens don't have even soap for bathing or toilet paper. Many will think that I am joking or lying, but there are foreigners who have visited Cuba and know that everything I explain here is real. If any country really wanted to help Cuba, it would not send any donations.
A few years ago many countries such as Russia, China, Spain, Venezuela, etc. They sent money to Cuba to cover needs, but it turns out that the Cuban Dictatorship does not pay its debts, so no one dares to lend them money. Many of these countries, even though they are aware of everything that I have explained to them previously, keep sending donations to this country and that makes them accomplices of the Cuban Dictatorship. Socialism does not work, it is a farce that destroys countries and their citizens. 

Here is the answer argued why it is necessary to stop sending donations to Cuba. We do not need material things, we need freedom and human rights first, then material things will come through work and the implementation of a free market economy, as it happens in the free world.