Who was Fidel Castro? The profile of a dictator.

We have all seen photos or videos of Cuba at some time. Most believe that Cuba is what they see, a cool city with happy and nice people. That is what the Cuban Military Dictatorship has sold to the world for decades and it has worked for what my purpose writing these articles is to refute this lie and explain the truth to all of you, for this, I need to tell you a little about Cuba and its history.

It is important that you know the history and the present of my country so that you are not deceived. Cuba is not colorful photos on the beach or photos of cars from the 50s with a vintage touch. Is a country in ruins, a city destroyed by a failed system, a system that ends the prosperity, happiness and hope of an entire country.

The beginning.​
Before 1959 Cuba was a Free and Democratic country where there were different political parties and citizens had rights. The government system was not perfect, there were still poor communities in the country and many people lacked education however, Cuba was the most developed country in the Caribbean, it was the leader in exporting sugar, meat, and other food products. Cuba was the first country in Central America to have a railroad and telephone system. There were wonderful cinemas, restaurants, shopping centers and recreation centers also… Cuba had 62 radio stations, it was the first country in Latin America to install a public lighting system. The first country in the world to build a Hotel with central air conditioning, it was called Hotel Riviera in 1951. In 1957 Cuba was the second country in the world to have 3D cinemas among other things that showed the development of the country. Cuba had also the most modern and luxurious cars of the time, these cars traveled in the country first then in cities in the United States of America. 
Cuba had a self-sufficient food production system capable of supplying the entire country throughout the year, and products were imported from abroad to meet the demand of citizens. There were large companies such as Shell, Texaco, and other world-famous companies. All this changed when a young man named Fidel Castro from a wealthy family, by means of weapons and carrying out terrorist actions with a group of fighters who followed his ideals, took power on the island. The current president in Cuba before 1959 (Fulgencio Batista) was a military man who took over the country through a military coup. Supposedly, Fidel was fighting to establish justice and give the Cuban people a voice and vote.
The intention was good, but everything changed once power was taken.​

"Power brings more power as a consequence"

Fidel is a character that many love in Cuba and around the world, but there are more people who know the real story and hate him even when he is already dead. It happens that most of the people of this world have been victims of the manipulation of information carried out by the Cuban military dictatorship around the world, showing this man as an example of heroism when he was actually a coward.

Fidel's opportunism.

Fidel deceived the Cuban people from the beginning, due to the social problems that existed at the time, he announced that his measures would help establish a just and democratic society, where people were free and their rights were respected, where everyone would have free access to freedom. Free education and health care, all was lie and the people fell into the trap and offered their support. Never accept gratuities from any government!​

"Not all that glitters is gold"​

In many interviews conducted by independent news organizations of that time, when the small army led by Fidel was still fighting in mountainous areas of the country against Batista's Army. The journalists asked Fidel if his "revolution" would have a Socialist or Communist character and his answer was always No. This happened in many interviews all saved on the Internet as evidence. Fidel assumed this position at that time because he had the support of the United States in this fight, the American government gave him its support because Fidel's ideals were democratic but everything changed over the years.

After coming to power in 1959. ​
As I have already told you in one of my previous article, Fidel and his group of soldiers began to expropriate all the companies around the country, national and foreign companies, many business owners refused yo leave their business and were put in prison, others were assassinated and others left the country. Cuba had many successful businesses at that time which passed into the hands of the government that Fidel and his group were beginning to build.

"The Block

In reaction to this, the American Government, outraged by the opportune position that Fidel adopted, in defense of its citizens, reacted with economic measures against the Dictatorship. These measures are popularly called "Blocking" which is false because the main objective of these measures is for the Fidel government to return what was stolen to its owners. Among the various requests that exist, among them are:

1 - Freedom of expression for Cubans.
2 - Free elections.
3 - Release of all Cuban political prisoners.  

Even today, the measures are in force because the Cuban dictatorship simply refuses to accept the requests of the United States, which do not threaten the freedom of Cubans. These measures never limited the Cuban Dictatorship to buy food or medicine abroad. The lack of food and medicine is not the fault of the United States, it is the fault of the mismanagement of the Cuban Military Dictatorship. After the measures imposed by the American government in the mid-1960s, Fidel decided to ally himself with Russia (at that time a Socialist country) and began to establish left-wing policies in the Caribbean country.

The first thing Fidel did was eliminate anyone who thought differently from him or could represent competition for the power struggle, in this way, Fidel handed over his friend Ernesto Che Guevara (Che) to the CIA, sending him to Bolivia to be assassinated. In the same way, he murdered in an alleged plane crash his comrade in struggle, a man very loved and respected by the Cuban people, his name, Camilo Cienfuegos, who had democratic ideals far from socialism and communism, the same happened with many others. 
Many people who fought alongside Fidel when they saw this situation decided to leave the country, others simply went to prison trying to confront him and there they were tortured or died from other causes.

At that time, Fidel had Russia as an ally and under this situation, the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) was created, with a whole security system trained by KGB Spies (Russia) in this way, Fidel betrayed his own people by declaring a Communist party as a form of government. In the PCC, the positions that they occupy there are distributed among the relatives and comrades of struggle that Fidel has chosen, the Cuban people have not voted for a president in more than 62 years. 

Prevent the fall of power through force.

When Fidel took power in 1959 he collected all the weapons that the people had so that they could not fight if they did not agree with his policy. His next step to maintain power was to take the Constitution of the Republic of the Country, which had been drawn up in 1940 and manipulate it at his convenience. In this way, without the intervention of the people and with the help of his congress, he established the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba). This would be the supreme force of the country even above the Constitution itself. All those citizens who do not agree with the measures of the PCC were sanctioned in some way, by law they were withdrawing the rights of basic freedoms to Cubans, such as freedom of expression, freedom of movement and other freedoms that all human beings possess.  
The Cuban economy was centralized in the PCC under the command of Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl Castro. 
Centralizing the economy eliminated private property, all the companies in Cuba at that time belonged to the Castro family and they were in charge of supplying food, medicine etc to the population.
From 1959 to 1994, Cuba was attached to Russia like a leech, all or almost everything that was consumed in Cuba came from this country. Fidel received millions of dollars back then but he never used them to rebuild the Cuban economy and create a prosperous country. He took all that money and began to build his own companies in the country, thousands of hotels he built all over the country, he bought properties in abroad, he built mansions for his whole family throughout the country, made contracts with millionaire foreign companies and never invested the money in Cuba.
With the fall of the Socialist camp in Russia in 1994 Fidel saw the need to break economic ties with Russia because he took it as a betrayal and began to establish a policy of fear towards the people when he saw their discontent. Cubans at that time went from having everything to having nothing.
In Russia, Socialism was a failure and it did not work, which is why it collapsed, however Fidel refused to renounce that system. This happened because this killer understood that this system would make him richer. He also banned private property across the country, eliminating people with money. 
When Fidel spoke about social equality, he meant that all Cubans would be poor people, except him and his family. That is Communism, a society without rights directed by a only Family. 

The politics of fear.​

Fidel's politics of fear began by giving speeches that lasted up to 5 hours telling the Cuban that he had to follow communist ideals until death and that no one could be against the "Revolution" and he had to be sacrificed and work harder.
The Cuban, hoping to build a better society, followed this idealistic trend and became a slave to Fidel and his system.
Then a wave of people began to oppose the system, as of 1994 the political opposition in Cuba was evident. The PCC, whose origin is military, deployed military troops dressed as civilians to beat people for thinking differently or forced them to leave the country. This year there was a mass emigration of Cubans who saw the reality of Communism and tried to seek freedom outside of Cuba. To this day, the exact number of Cubans who died at sea trying to reach the United States is unknown. Thousands of them died or disappeared, and this was caused by Fidel with his policy. 62 years have passed since Fidel took power, clear evidence of his selfish policy is the Streets of my Havana, Cuba is completely destroyed. People have lost hope, they live in fear and despair. The Cuban has lost his dignity and self-love. Thousands of families suffer the effects of family separation as a result of this man's policy, parents who have not seen their children for more than 15 or 20 years. It happens because the Cuban Military Dictatorship does not allow many of them to enter the country.

Fidel has used part of his fortune to carry out advertisements on a world scale showing Cuba as the perfect country, the country where people are happy and everyone has the same rights where health and education are free and lies of this style. He has achieved this propagating by eliminating the independent press where the mass media belong to the PCC and anyone who tries to show the truth about what is happening in Cuba is mistreated, persecuted, harassed and oppressed.
In the following articles I will explain how the black market works in Cuba, how a person can live a month with a salary of 30 dollars. How the PCC uses doctors, artists, sportsmen and other professionals as slaves in order to obtain easy money. Why the Cuban passport is the most expensive in the world and the most useless among other things that I think are worth explaining.