Cuban Government System.

As I have already explained in previous articles, the development and prosperity of a country depends on the System of Government that is established in it.

The Socialist Communist ideology has been tried to apply in many stages of the history of humanity but it has proven to be a resounding failure. Said System remove the natural rights of the people and forces them to depend on the Government which becomes the owner of the country and all its wealth, including the people who live there. In this way, the economy is centralized in a single group of people, thus eliminating the free market and bringing as a consequence poverty, corruption, destruction and misery where the Government promises free housing, health and education. This is precisely the situation in which Cuba has found itself for more than 62 years.

Dictatorships are totalitarian states of governments where one person or several manipulate sectors of society to seize absolute power and be able to do whatever they want. In this way and many cases, they also manipulate the country's Constitution to remain in power for more than 4 years. They can be of the Right or of the Left, but it has been shown that the Left is the most dangerous because it eliminates private property, the free market and other important aspects for the development of a country. China, like Cuba, both are Communist Dictatorships, in both countries human rights are violated, people who do not agree with the Government and its policies are imprisoned, there is no freedom of expression, the majority of the population lives in poverty etc. The only difference between these countries is that China allows some companies in its country to do business abroad using free market policies (Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.) The problem here is that the Chinese Dictatorship allows these companies to generate wealth as long as they do not talk the reality about the Chinese Government to the world. 

On the other hand, in Cuba The Communist - Socialist does not work to help the citizens but it generates wealth for the leaders of the country, that is why these people do not want to change the System. The Cuban Dictatorship refuses to go to Capitalism because it simply does not want the Cubans to get money. The fortune of the Castro Family is valued according to Forbes at more than 900 million dollars, all this fortune has been accumulated for decades through the slave labor of Cubans.

People who do not understand the value of democracy is because they have never lived in Socialism.

For many people, expressing themselves freely, receiving a decent salary, traveling, having a good diet, having a computer at home, among other things in daily life, is completely normal. What if I tell all of you that all this for a Cuban is just a dream? This is what Communist Socialism has achieved in Cuba, a country where national money has no value, a country where people's lives are not respected and where long lines are made every day to buy basic food. A country where the elderly are forgotten and are not supported by government institutions and where young people do not know what to do with their lives. Time in Cuba passes without meaning. Change has to come first in people's minds. It is impossible to explain to a person the value of Freedom when he hardly has food to eat. That is the strategy that the Cuban Dictatorship has used for 62 years.

Cubans spend many hours a day looking for food and other provisions so, they do not have time to seek a general solution to all their problems, which is to overthrow the System. More than the 80% of the population in Cuba knows that the cause of all their problems is the Dictatorship but they are afraid to fight it. For decades, thousands of Cubans have been exterminated, imprisoned and disappeared because of the Dictatorship. Is illegal to hold demonstrations and people who don't follow this law are repressed and beaten by the police. Cubans knows all this and they simply does nothing and continues to living the life of a slave. 

There are groups of people who fearlessly oppose the policies of the oppressive System. People who want to see Cuba free but the Dictatorship persecutes them, imprisons them or just exterminated them. This happens because the Human Rights in Cuban are violated, freedom of expression is not respected and the Dictatorship does not allow other political parties to be created in the country. We need a free country where the human rights and civil rights of each person are respected, where each citizen is allowed to create his life through his skills and knowledge, a society where there is mutual respect and most importantly: A country where the Government does not give anything for free to citizens, the function of this is to take care of the everyone rights and makes sure the laws are respected so that somebody do not abuse of the power. Democracy is the first step to prosperity.