Cuba Real State. Communism vs capitalism.

Everything that you are going to read next is not a movie, this is part of the reality that millions of Cubans live.

When Fidel took control of Cuba in 1959, he promised housing for everyone.

"No Cuban will be left helpless by this revolution." 

These were the words of this lying. Since then the Cuban family has been involved in a nightmare from which they have not been able to escape.

How do Cubans obtain their houses?

Most Cubans inherit the properties of deceased relatives or simply acquire said properties as a result of a relative leaving the country, who gives this property to a close member of the family. Others work for more than 15 years in non-state businesses in order to buy their own home. In any country in the world, any homeowner can sell his property but in Cuba, until a few years ago this activity was prohibited! Thus, the Cuban Military Dictatorship forced people to own property until their death. This has now changed and people can sell their homes although the process is quite complicated.
Due to the internal emigration existing in the country, where thousands of people try to move to the capital (Havana) in search of a better standard of living, due to the lack of resources that exist throughout the country, there are laws that they limit and even prohibit the stay in the capital of the Cuban citizens themselves.

The Cuban Dictatorship instead of promoting Havana as a development city to raise the country's economy and make more people go to live in the capital and thus have more jobs, more workers and more businesses, they does the opposite and penalize everyone who is from another province of the country but lives in Havana. The political police are used by the Cuban Dictatorship to carry out this function, arresting innocent citizens who walk on the street to find out their origin and then sending them back to their places of origin. This is called Cuban regionalist policy that penalizes Cubans for not being from Havana.

*Being from Havana in Cuba is a social privilege but the funny thing is that 98% of the police who operate in the City of Havana are from other provinces.

In Cuba no rent is paid.

It would be the last straw for the Cuban earning 20 or 30 dollars a month to pay a monthly rent. This happens because the Cuban Military Dictatorship does not offer apartments to citizens, nor does it promote this style of business. People who rent their homes to national or foreign citizens carry out this activity by paying a license to an office of the Cuban Dictatorship. Instead, PCC members own multiple homes across the country. It is impossible to request a bank loan to buy an apartment because the Dictatorship does not agree to offer its money to the people, much less to buy a house. They also know that as a result of the terrible economy that they themselves established in the country, it would be impossible for a Cuban to return this money to the bank. They prefers that people lose their homes and I will explain later why.

Buying a property in Cuba is not easy even if you have the money.

We can acquire a regularly good property from 50 thousand dollars, it all depends on the location of the house in the city where it is located. Although I regret to tell you that due to the age of the constructions in Cuba, the owner of said property will need 30 thousand dollars or more to fix everything that concerns the house, such as water pipes, electricity, etc but: How can the Cuban obtain this sum of money if he only earns 20 dollars a month? It all comes down to the black market.

The average Cuban does not work in government companies. The Cuban is capable of generating large sums of money through private business initiatives. (legal or illegal) Another way by which people can obtain these large sums of money is through the remaining money sent from abroad but: In Cuba the accumulation of wealth in the citizens is prohibited. Yes, it is true, but...

Despite this, the citizens seeks alternatives, one of them is not to keep the money in Cuban banks, in this way, the Dictatorship does not have exact knowledge of the money that people earn, in addition, many Cubans prefer to maintain a low social profile where they do not publicly show their good standard of living, otherwise the Dictatorship can take away your assets claiming that you have obtained them illegally. Another way that the Cuban uses to protect his money by hiding it in different family homes. These practices allow to many of them to protect their money from the oppressive system.

You can build a house although it is impossible to do it legally.

There is deep corruption on the part of state institutions so when someone decides to buy a space or an abandoned place to build his home, government companies related to the construction sector place numerous obstacles on citizens with the intention of making them pay more money, otherwise they won't give you the building permit and make you wait. (This happens in most processes) If a citizen does not accept to contribute to the corrupt and builds his home without a building permit, he can be fined 3,000 Cuban pesos equivalent to 125 dollars otherwise they can go to jail. There are thousands of people throughout Cuba who have applied for a construction permit 5 years ago and the Dictatorship has not yet granted them.

Cuban citizens abandoned to their fate. 

Currently there are millions of Cuban families who do not have a safe place to live. It happens that the Cuban Dictatorship in the 70s opened a social program aimed at solving the problem of housing that various communities in the country had. Many apartments would be given to Cuban families throughout the country, in this way Fidel demonstrated to the world the achievements of prosperous Socialism, but as everyone knows, Socialism is a failure. Many apartments were given to numerous families, the majority in the capital of the country. Most of these apartments were not well finished because the workers were simply not well paid, so they did not care about the quality of the works. Most of the workers stole the construction materials that the Dictatorship destined for these constructions in order to compensate in this way for the low salary they obtained. This caused delays of years in said constructions that is why the Cuban Dictatorship currently employs foreign workers for the construction of Hotels in Cuba.

For people who believe that Socialism promotes citizenship rights, I comment that Socialism only creates destruction and hunger in a country. Giving free stuff to citizens only condemns them to live their entire lives in misery. This is precisely what is happening in Cuba today after 62 years of Military Dictatorship. There are millions of Cuban families who live in places where not even animals would be able to live. People who trusted in the promises of Communism implanted by the Castro family. Millions of people throughout the country have asked the Cuban Government for a home to live in, which has still not received a response 10 or 15 years later. Due to the economy and the high prices of construction materials, for many people repairing or building a home is too complicated. Even so, the Cuban Dictatorship does not help these people. We talk about mothers with children, disabled people, the elderly, etc. Now:

They hopes that people lose their homes, or complete buildings collapse in order to build Hotels instead.

The new 5-star Hotel that you as a tourist intends to visit in the heart of Havana Cuba, is built on a private property that was stolen by the Cuban Dictatorship. Havana is falling apart however they are building 5-star hotels in the eyes of its citizens. These are the achievements of Communism and Socialism. It happens in the same way that there are thousands of Cubans who have managed to build their homes with effort over many years and said properties have been taken away by the Dictatorship. The members of the PCC have full freedoms in Cuba to do whatever they want then... If a General of the Cuban Dictatorship likes your home, they do everything possible to remove it from you, they are even capable of inventing a crime against you. A clear example of what I am telling you here is reflected in Havana, a city in ruins where people live in precarious conditions, entire families. The Cuban Military Dictatorship has spent 62 years presuming that Socialism is the only way to equality and freedom, but millions of Cuban citizens live in inhumane conditions while the country's leaders live in mansions. They own personal yachts and live a Capitalist life! The worst of all this is that people denounce everything that happens but the state organizations (in the power of the Dictatorship) ignore their demands. Prisoners of despair, many citizens decide to forcibly enter houses that the Dictatorship has built but has closed, or enter abandoned sites as a consequence, these people are victims of abuse and repression by government institutions including the Cuban political police and most are expelled from these properties.

People who publicly protest in consequence of these acts are accused of betraying communist ideals! Even in Cuba 2022 there are people who live in houses that when it rains it gets wet inside, people who do not have a refrigerator to store their food, people without a machine to wash their clothes, people without hope. Despite all this, instead for foreign citizens who intend to buy property in Cuba the process is much easier, the Government is not opposed. Once again the double standards, manipulation and prostitution of the Cuban Government towards the world are revealed.