Read this before visiting Cuba. Travel advice and advisories.

Cuba has been throughout history a country full of mysteries and paradigms in the eyes of the world. Listening to the word Cuba in many, is synonymous with joy, parties and glories, although all this has been just a story carefully told for the benefit of a few.

The political system of a country determines the prosperity of its citizens.

The policy adopted by the government system allows people have a decent live, have free access to the Internet, let you travel whenever your economic situation allows it, let you go to the supermarket and choose what you want to eat, visit a store and choose what clothes you want to wear, open your own business as well.

In Cuba, power is centralized in the Castro family who have run the country for more than 60 years, there have never been free elections. 

As we all know, Democracy is not perfect, but we do all agree that it respects private property and the free individual development of each person because, in addition, by law there are tools and organizations that can help make this happen. Capitalism also rewards the effort, study and ingenuity of each person.

Why shouldn't you travel to Cuba?

Traveling to Cuba and spending your money there, helps the government to be richer and to continue abusing the people.
If someone have sold you the movie that Cuba is a fantastic country with a Vintage touch, and cars from the 50s, I'm sorry to tell you this but is not like that. I know it sounds beautiful, to ride a car from the 50s and take a walk through Havana, but think for a moment about Cubans who has been repairing these old cars for more than 62 years simply because they are the only option they have. In a country where also mothers have not food to feed their own children and young people like me have to emigrate to live a normal. A country where the elderly live in extreme poverty even though they have worked all their lives and in every school teaches teach to kids that anyone who is not with the Cuban Communist Party is not Cuban and does not deserve to live there.

False propaganda.

​The destruction of the infrastructure of the Caribbean country began in 1959 with the coming to power of Fidel Castro Ruz and his allies who expropriated all the private companies existing on it. From national companies run by Cubans to foreign companies, forcing millions of people to leave the country or simply go to jail for not cooperating with the policy of this man.

Cuban's are the only people in the world who needs to keep the Cuban passport all his life to be able to enter to their own country again if they want. Cubans living in another countries have to pay to pay temporary fees for keeping the passport every 2 years to the Government if they wish to re-enter the country, otherwise, the Cuban citizen automatically loses his nationality and also loses the material goods he possesses in their country of origin, which pass into the hands of the Government.

This policy of abusive payment of the passport which has a valid period of 6 years, but it must be paid every two years if you want to travel back, allows the Government to obtain money from emigrants who still have relatives in Cuba.
If, something like this happens in any free and democratic country, the country breaks out in a civil war as in years past. But in Cuba it is almost impossible that happens something like that because the country's Constitution responds to the interests of the Communist Party and makes it illegal for Cubans to go out to the streets to protest. Cubans have no rights in their own country.

The money you spend there, goes directly to the pocket of the Cuban Dictators in power which use the money among other things to support a system of surveillance and repression. In addition, they also use your money to fraudulent businesses owned by the government itself. 

Cuba has a failed economy whose main source of income is tourism and the money that Cubans send out of the country every year to this one. 

The money you spend in a Hotel in Cuba, is the money with which the leaders of the country buy their mansions, luxury cars and pay for their luxurious vacations because, in addition, tourism as well as other sectors of the economy belongs to the Army which has absolute control of the country. There are no successful businessmen, everything belongs to the government because the government constitutionally prohibits the accumulation of wealth in citizens. In particular, Havana has suffered more than 62 years of destruction, it has never been repaired. The capital of Cuba is falling apart, as well as millions of homes of millions of Cubans. The streets stink because the garbage collection system is not efficient, the supermarkets are empty, as well as many more problems that you will see just by arriving. Typical problems of countries in Dictatorships.


For decades Cubans have been misinformed because the government has control of all the news media that operate in the all country, as the Nazis did in the World War. A place where the current Internet is the most expensive in the world, probably taking into account the purchasing power of its users and its speed. In addition, the government blocks many websites so that it is much more difficult for Cubans to obtain clear and precise information regarding what they want to know.

The Cuban Communist Military Dictatorship is the perfect manipulation machine.

To the point that people like you still believe that human rights are respected in Cuba and people live in a fairly fair society with principles based on Socialism. Socialism like Communism are a  failure ideology of Government and it is proven in history. So:

Why they continue with this policy?

​It happens that the centralization of power in a single Political party makes a group of people or families the owner of the all country. Those people do not want to renounce to their Wealth and ostentatious lives, even if this means the sacrifice of the life of  millions of others people.

The fear.

For many years the Government has been in charge of terrorizing Cubans, from torture, jails to executions, all of this is summed up in a deep fear of the Cuban towards the System. Due to poverty and fear, many Cubans prefer to expose those who try to take actions to change the system, in exchange for a better life, and the punishment for those who protest ranges from beatings and torture to going to jail. 
This is pretty sad because if the system change does not happen soon, the Cuban will simply live in poverty for life, I am talking about the 90% of the population in Cuba that is poor. Beyond what the official numbers say, this is my testimony because I am Cuban and lived there for 22 years.

Food in Cuba costs 5 times what they count in your country and then you ask yourself:

How can a person live with only $ 40 a month? The answer is no magic.

The entire country is summarized in the corruption and the black market. When the government does not have the ability to meet all the needs of citizens, the need for citizens to do illicit businesses to survive arises. Most Cuban professionals, doctors, teachers, engineers, athletes, artists, 95% of them are poor. Now

There are currently two monetary systems in the country. A currency that they call national and the USA dollar. In the same way they have 2 types of stores in Cuba. One where they sell food, electronics and others in national currency and another the sell products by dollars. The national currency store al always empty but the USA dollar store are always stocked but what is the problem with this?

The problem is that the government does not pay its employees in dollars, they did it in Cuban currency (Pesos) and the exchange rate that the government regulates is not in accordance with the exchange rate that circulates between citizens, so the economy is a  disaster which causes extreme corruption scarcity and poverty. Also, the Cuban citizen cannot have cash dollars in his hands, they must place them on a card that the Dictatorship provides and then you can use this card in the businesses that are allowed, that is, the Cubans does not have direct access to its capital, the banks in the country also belong to the government. I want to make this clear. 

Information manipulation. 

Teachers are not well prepared or motivated because their monthly salary which is around 20 dollars, in addition they do not have free access to the Internet, they are not informed so their knowledge is limited to teaching only what the Dictatorship says. As you know, education and free health care are not maintained from nothing, they should be maintained by the taxes paying from citizens. Communism in its eagerness to give everything free, exploits people and that's how the are keeping these free services with a very poor quality. Citizens cannot complain about it because it is free and that is how gratuity works in Cuba. The reality is that nothing is free in there, because you pay for it with your life.

There are no medicines. There is good doctors but they charge an approximate of 50 dollars a month, in addition the doctors do not know how to work with state-of-the-art technology due to the technological backwardness of the country. The same happens with other professionals from other social branches. Have you ever wondered what would happen in any free and democratic country if a doctor charged $ 50 a month? 

What would they life be like?

All medicines are in Hotels and military Hospital pharmacy's, but the people do not have free access to these drugs due to their high price. I also tell you that until 2012 Cubans could not enter Cuba Hotels because the government simply prohibited it. The Dictatorship cares more about tourists than its own citizens because tourists come to spend their money and your money is precisely what they need to keep his legacy of power.

Cubans abroad. 

Cuban embassies outside the island do not represent the rights of Cuban citizens. They are strictly governed by the orders and interests from the Castro family.

I ask.

Could you live in a country where your human rights are not respected, where the government practically decides your life despite your skills and knowledge? Could you agree to someone else regulating your food intake? Would you agree to the government selling you basic necessities in a currency that you do not get through your work and at high prices? Could you live in a country where you are beaten and jailed for thinking differently? Could you live in a country where foreigners have more rights than national citizens themselves simply because foreigners have money? Could you live in a country where buying basic foods like chicken meat and eggs takes long lines of more than 6 hours a day? Could you live in a country where you cannot vote for your own president? Could you live in a country where being a university graduate has no value because the lack of industries does not allow you to apply what you have studied? Could you live in a country where the government does not respect private property? Could you live in a country where you have no future? There are many testimonials in social media about what I am telling you in this article. I write all this because I know how little knowledge peoples have about Cuba and that can be dangerous. 

For me as a Cuban it is my duty to show the reality of my country to the world in a correct, argued and civilized way to demonstrate that free Cubans are not the same as the communists who govern our country, stubborn and arrogant people.

Cuba, in general, is a country trapped in time destroyed by a failed system of government, such as communism, which in many cases applies Nazi policies to determine the future of citizens that become slaves to the system. For many people, the only solution is to leave the country, as happens in other countries governed by Dictatorships. Despite all this, the Cuban people have resisted the fury of Communism for 62 years.