What to eat in Cuba?

Cuba is an island in the middle of the Caribbean, geographical conditions are perfect to develop an economy based on agriculture and the raising of animals for human consumption, but this is not the case. The price of food is exorbitant, I dare to say that at this moment, Cuba is one of the countries where food has the highest prices in the world. This is due to the purchasing power of Cubans with a minimum wage of 20 dollars a month and when you visit the market you must pay 10 or 15 dollars for a package of chicken.

Why is there no food in Cuba?

It happens that there are no large private food industries, they all belong to the government but the government is unable to sustain them, so the demand of the population is greater than the supply and in this way the shortage comes. In Cuba, free market policies are not applied, so small businesses cannot flourish because the Government prohibits the accumulation of wealth in the Cuban inhabitants. Due to this problem, the Cuban has found the solution in the internal black market.

Everything is illegal except what is allowed by law. 
The worst enemy of a communist are rich people but they love money specially cash.
In Cuba before 1959 there was only one currency that circulated throughout the country, its name is: Cuban Peso.
This currency was backed in gold and also had the backing of the Cuban economy, which was one of the strongest economies in the American continent, second only to the United States of America.
​In this way, it was impossible for Fidel to buy or negotiate in the international market with the Cuban Peso, so he authorized the circulation of the US dollar in the country in a controlled manner with an exchange rate of: One dollar equivalent to 25 Cuban pesos. In this way, Fidel always obtained dollars but never gave them to the population, although the good things that were sold in Cuba in state stores were sold in dollars.
In summary, at present Cubans still receive Cuban pesos but state stores sell most of their products in American dollars, this happens because the Cuban Dictatorship is bankrupt and needs dollars to negotiate in the international market, that is why it is important that you do not visit the country so that you do not give your money to them.

Most Cubans, need to steal from their jobs in order to survive, due to the shortage of products and low wages. (All these problems are the fault of the Government and its policy). Food, medicine and other facilities stores are generally empty, so Cubans must get their food on the streets at double the normal price. Food does not go through a quality control so its hygiene is bad. This black market brings with it the enormous corruption in which the country is submerged, where the first corrupt are the heads of state companies that sell products illegally to small businesses and thus enrich themselves and their families.

The government persecutes prosperous small businesses, because they do not want rich people to exist in the country. Anyone who has a good business is persecuted to the point of taking away the business. They can do this by inventing a false crime against said owners and as in Cuba the Judicial Power is subordinate to the PCC, there is no justice for the citizens. People who have a lot of money and are not politicians (I mean artists, athletes, etc.) Nothing happens to them because the Dictatorship gives them privileges as long as they speak well of Government and its leaders otherwise, they lose everything but now...

What happens to food imports and exports in Cuba?

A large% of the country's imports (meats, grains, seafood, etc.) are destined for the country's tourism sector, which is why the tourist who visits Cuba enjoys a first-rate culinary service while the National citizens does not have a plate of decent food to feed himself and his family. The rest of these foods are distributed among the military and members of the PCC and the last is destined for the Cuban population. Something similar happens with exports. They exports high quality products to other countries, we are talking about fruits, grains, etc, and the money it obtains from these exports is used to build more hotels throughout Cuba, hotels which they own. They also have apartment rental businesses, business groups, car sales, and a number of businesses that it would be impossible for me to mention in this article because there are so many.

The issue of double currency in Cuba is something unusual for many people in the world, but I will try to explain it again.

Fidel Castro, by taking power and stealing and destroying all the private companies existing in the country at that time, devalued the value of the: Cuban peso.

As a result of this, many criminal acts occurred in Cuba in the 90s such as large robberies of state banks where people assumed that they did not steal anything, they only took what belonged to them and with all this money they left the country. As a result of these and other events, Fidel decided to penalize any Cuban who possessed dollars with jail, but that is a long story that I will try to tell you in another article.

There are no seafood markets in Cuba. This is absurd as Cuba is an island surrounded by water in the middle of the Caribbean.

In Cuba, Beef is restricted by law. A farmer cannot slaughter a Cow without first notifying the government. The Cuban Dictatorship likewise prevents and does not help the development of agriculture in the country since it does not allow machinery to be sent from abroad to Cuban producers. They must be purchased in Cuba at the price that the Cuban State decides. The average Cuban is poorly nourished, I was a victim of that system that is why I explain all this. In this way, you will be able to understand how dangerous Socialism is as a government system for a country.

Cubans do not live, they survive.

Cubans have to stand in long lines every day to buy food such as chicken, oil, rice or beans. These lines can last 8 hours. Each row is guarded by the police who make sure that people who have already bought their food, do not buy again. This is suffering the Cuban people. Every day is the same problem, because of this, people has resigned themselves to that life, then, many people wonder:

Why Cubans do not protest if life in Cuba is so cruel? The answer is Fear.

Cubans are afraid that the system will attack their families, which is why there are no mass protests in Cuba, and they are also illegal by law. The Cuban military Dictatorship has introduced terror from an early age into the minds of Cubans. There is no or very little food due to the policies of the Communist system. But the funny thing is that all the members of the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba) enjoy a very good diet, luxury homes and all the privileges that a Communist can give himself!

The passage of communism through Cuba has destroyed everything, including its economy due to very bad government management. A place where people receive a basic food basket per family nucleus. This only happens there, where the State regulates the food that each person needs. Action only done in times of war where governments had to distribute food equitably in order to have enough for everyone but they still doing this in Cuba.