Equality in Cuba. Communism characteristics

Communists always repeat: "Being rich is bad" Although all communists are millionaires. This thought is inculcated in society, creating hatred and envy people who, through their skills or knowledge, obtain some type of wealth. We all know that rich people are necessary in society, since they create services, companies and create jobs, thus helping to develop the country and its economy however, communists explain that the rich are bad and the poor are good when history indicates that all people are equally bad.

When we see a Dictator or a Communist in power, the first thing that strikes us in their way of dressing, they never wear cheap clothes, everything is expensive brands. These luxuries only Dictators can have it. The phrase "Being rich is bad" actually means: Only I can be rich, you will all be poor.

Socialist Communism is an evil that not only affects Cuba, it also affects many Latin American countries. That is why despite the fact that many of these countries have sufficient natural resources to be rich countries, they are not due to poor Government management. The majority of presidents who run in Latin American countries always promise gratuities for the poor people of the country, basic income, free money, etc.

Where does the Government get the money to pay for these free services? The answer is simple... Rich people and the working class.

In most of the Socialist countries of Latin America the rich are forced to pay progressive taxes, this means that the tax will continue to increase depending on your profit. The rich, seeing that the State is stealing their money, simply withdraw their capital from the country or go to live in other countries. This results in unemployment, poverty and more corruption. Remember, the solution is not to give money to the poor, the solution is to teach the poor how to make money. 

The Socialist Communist economy does not work and the clear example of this is Venezuela.

This is a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, however its citizens live in extreme poverty due to the privatization of private companies at the hands of the Government, which only generates money for itself. As there are no rich people in Venezuela. The Venezuelan Dictatorship prints money without support, causing inflation in the economy, which is reflected in the poverty that the its citizens are currently experiencing.

Socialist Communism does not understand that the only way to eliminate poverty is by creating jobs. In this way, the standard of living of the country's citizens increases progressively. The communists know nothing about economics and believe that they can set prices without taking into account the Free Market. For them, it is easier to print money and give it to the poor then it happens that the poor do not want to work and this results in shortages because people buy anything but do not want to go to work because they have free money. This brings with it price inflation and the devaluation of money, precisely what happens in Cuba, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

The value of money is in the productivity of a country.

The Cuban economy has been destroyed by Communism so when there is no production, money loses its value. Even if you have US dollars in Cuba, it is difficult to buy because there are simply no products. Governments are thieving entities that only steal our money so they never go bankrupt. In the case of Capitalism, the state justifies the taxes obtained from the citizens and allows the free market, for which there is no economic monopoly by law. That is why most of the developed countries of this world apply free market capitalist policies.

Capitalism is not an ideology, it is a free market system that generates money and wealth.

It is impossible that in a communist country there would have been an Elon Musk or a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs. It is simply impossible because the state would not allow these people to develop their businesses. Communism has never distributed money among citizens, it simply, they keeps everything and prevents the development of the country itself. Neoliberalism is the cure for America's ills.