Pope Francis against Private Property.

In this article I do not intend to offend any Christian or their religion. In it I will simply make an analysis regarding the statements made by Pope Francis some time ago where he attacks Private Property and with it the value of it in our society.

Before analyzing the statements made by Francis, I will tell you that the Vatican as a country and institution is the owner and creditor of one of the greatest wealth in this world summarized in goods and properties which have an almost impossible value to calculate. Highlighting its collection of works by renowned artists of all time, the private library in which there are books that speak about the origins of our humanity to which public access is denied, etc. It is also worth mentioning that their owners do not pay taxes and do not pay taxes in society has a name, theft.

I will also tell you that Francis is a human being like any other, he himself gets up in the mornings, goes to the bathroom to urinate, has breakfast, showers and does the morning activities established for a person of his age, Francis is not a saint and his name the real one is Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentine origin in case you didn't know.

The reason why I have decided to talk about this man's statements is because he has attacked Private Property, it is the worst message that can be transmitted to a society as confused as ours. I remind everyone that attacking private property is a clear attack on Liberty and all that it implies. (Democracy and natural human rights) Showing in this way his inclination to policies and speeches of the Socialist Left. A person who takes the trouble to make such a statement but has never used his power in defense of the oppressed peoples of the world who are struggling to achieve their freedom. Cuba the clearest of all examples. A country which this gentleman visited and of which he never made public statements where he himself condemned the abuses to which the citizens who live there are subjected by the Government System instead with his visit, unfortunately for the Cuban, the only thing that he achieved was to give more credibility to this Oppressive Regime in the eyes of the world.

"The right to private property is a secondary right"... Words From Francis."

Either we are ignorant or we do not know how to interpret. In a few words, what Francis wanted to say is that someone can come and take away what you have achieved with effort, that is, this man is promoting theft by affirming that private property is a secondary right.

He himself spoke in the same way about money, cataloging it as the God of the new world but forgot to mention that the entrance to the Vatican is not free, it costs around €20. He also made no mention of the Church's fortune as a private Institution to which millions of mostly working-class people regularly donate funds. The Vatican, as strange as it may seem, has not signed the declaration of human rights either because they affirm that they are governed by other laws and wills, "divine wills" and this speech seems familiar to me.

Like Francis, all the communist leaders who still govern different territories of this world have refused to govern their government policies based on what is established in the Declaration of Human Rights. (Mother of all rights) which gives these people permission to do what they please in their respective countries, which is why in any place where there is a Dictatorship there will never be freedom of expression.

The Vatican also has a special criminal code that protects the members of this country in case of committing crimes. Let us remember the scandals of violations of minors produced in this institution where the accused did not pay for their crimes before the law. Facts about which Francis has never spoken, much less apologized publicly as the main figure of this institution. I would also like to add that this institution paid more than 600 million dollars in lawsuits, a totally unfair fact because the people involved in these acts should have been in prison but this never happened.

Mr. Francis, what you promote is theft and that is a capital sin according to your own Bible. No institution or government has the right to steal property from any citizen!

Universal Principle of Assets.

Another aberration to which Francis made reference was the Universal Principle of Goods, something that I did not know because the church has invented it. An absurd concept that affirms that the goods that are on the planet should belong to everyone as if we human beings lived in a world of fairy tales. No, we are not fools Francis. Many human beings reason.

When this man affirms that the goods found on the planet should belong to everyone, he is referring to his own person, that is, to him and the Vatican.

If this principle is really true, why does Francis not distribute the fortune of the Vatican among the middle and lower classes of society or build schools and programs all over the world that help people to acquire the necessary knowledge that will allow them later to generate their own riches? Why doesn't he do this if supposedly the property belongs to everyone? Of course this does not suit him at all. This man also says that private property must be reformed. Reformed for what? To give legal power to government institutions so that later by law they can steal goods from free citizens? All this is really disrespectful to the worker. The Universal Principle of Assets applies to others but not to Vatican assets. An opportunistic hypocrite. That's Francis!

The aforementioned is the typical thought of any socialist or communist, who try to use other people's money by all means, that is, the money of others to supposedly help the most needy. Francisco is a bad person who does not care about the well-being of the neighbor.

Let's learn from history.

Let us remember that Juan Pablo II, a person whom I respect a lot, spoke against Communism because it is an ideology that attacks all types of Freedom, including Religion. On the other hand, Francisco has never spoken out against Communism but he does against the private property of others. A clear sign of the ideals that he defends. All are welcome to the Christian socialism of the new century.

Words of Juan Pablo II:

"That we recognize as misleading, false and incompatible with following him any ideology that proclaims violence and hatred as a remedy to achieve justice."
Juan Pablo clearly warns and points to Communism and the implementation of its policies in the fragment I mentioned before and I know this because Communism is the only ideology that operates in this way.

I do not admit that Francis disrespects private property and speaks of confiscation of property because that is stealing. The human being is his most important private property and must be respected. Every liberal person should understand the damage that this man is doing by promoting these absurd approaches that violate the human rights of every person who inhabits this world.

Francis assumes that the cause of poverty in Latin America is Economic Liberalism when we all know that the most developed countries in the world are precisely those that apply free market policies (Capitalism). He also says that Capitalism is an economic system that generates poor and the poor never get ahead which is not true and there is too much evidence to affirm the great lie that professes such an approach which is easy to dismantle. We only have to look for the countries with the highest and most developed living standards in the world and review the economic system that they apply. To everyone's surprise, these are Capitalist countries while the poorest and most underdeveloped are either Left Socialist Dictatorships or Communist countries that apply free market policies to maintain power.

Francis is just another opportunist, a person who incites theft. Who told this man that he is the representation of God on earth? Did God choose him? What or who affirms the existence of God? Another interesting topic that I will talk about soon. Anyway…

If a person owns some material good and for any reason does not want to deliver it to another person, that has been their will, and it must be respected, no one has the right to take something by law or by force from someone who has earned through his work or by any legal process. Francis has his own problem with God for promoting evil. A praised criminal.