Is there really Freedom in Cuba?

Individual freedom depends on the decisions made by each person who is a member of the societies in which we live. What is the Liberty? Freedom is simply respect for the natural rights of each person.

1- Respect for life
2- Respect for private property
3- Respect for free expression
4- Respect for the freedom of assembly and movement of each individual

In this way, each society develops depending on the individual potential of each person and their ability to create successful companies and businesses. Does living in a free society guarantee success?

Living in a free society does not guarantee success but instead guarantees you the tools to exploit your abilities. The individual success of each person depends on himself as long as the environment around him is suitable. We cannot confuse being free with being free to do whatever we want because if freedom were without any control, societies would live in chaos. At this point, societies need the intervention of the Government, which must be the judge, the one who sets the rules to live in peace and harmony, although this does not always work this way, unfortunately.

Quick conclusions.

The term Freedom has become an almost abstract term in today's society because everyone interprets it in their own way according to the environment in which it develops. And although everyone is free in their own way, it is no less true that there are clear patterns that indicate when a human being or a society in general is truly free, and the majority of societies where these patterns are more strongly manifested are in developed societies with systems established on the basis of Capitalism.