How do human rights work in Cuba?

Cuba has been a country that for decades has presented itself before the eyes of the world as a firm defender of Human Rights. Not only of Cuban citizens, but also of the inhabitants of other nations. Facts which are far from reality and have been completely taken out of context as a result of the manipulation of information that has always existed in Cuba on the part of its Government System. 

Opposition to the totalitarian system of Cuban government has existed since the arrival to power of the late Dictator Fidel Castro in 1959. In that year Fidel began to steal and expropriate properties from Cuban citizens and foreigners on the island, forcing them to emigrate or just go to jail. At this time, many of the soldiers who fought alongside Fidel against the existing government at that time, began to disagree with the leader's actions. Many of them decided to take up arms and tried to fight against it, as a consequence of this operation the death of most of these people resulted, the rest, upon seeing what happened, simply decided to flee the country and explain the truth to the world about crimes of the Cuban revolutionary process.

As the years went by there began to be a more intense opposition against Communism in Cuba. The opposition to the system was not recognized by the Dictatorship and most of the people who protested they were practically alone in this fight because there was no independent media to show the work carried out by these people in favor of the Freedom and Democracy of the Cuban people. *Hundreds of Cubans were tortured to death in prisons, many were disappeared, the testimonies are explained by people who were present and were released, in this way we know these stories today. So much was the discontent with the abusive measures taken by the Fidel Administration that in April 1961 a group of brave Cubans residing in Miami decided to invade Cuba using limited weapons. This group of Cubans called themselves:

Their objective was to take a "beachhead" defend it for 3 days and in this way create a provincial government with the support of international organizations in order to replace Fidel's Government. Unfortunately, this operation failed because the majority of the people who participated in this invasion were not military, they had very little military training and also did not have the necessary weapons, although they did have the courage. Because of this fact, Fidel proclaimed to the world that he had defeated a North American invasion in less than 72 hours, which was false. This lie has been repeated for 62 years in Cuban schools to children and young people of all ages. Few people in Cuba knew the truth to this day. I clarify that this invasion was not led by the American Government as the Cuban Dictatorship always says. The action was carried out by free Cubans with a desire for Freedom. If the American Government invades an island like Cuba, with all its military might, simply Cuba is taken in less than 10 hours. As a result of this invasion, the Cuban Military Dictatorship has been in charge of telling the Cubans that everyone who speaks out against the system is paid by the United States, which is an absolute lie because no American security organization pays me to write these articles and tell the truth for example. This has always created conflicts among Cubans themselves, as well as mistrust, which is precisely what Communism wants.

This ideology wants there to be ideological conflicts between people so they can control people and take advantage of them in the middle of the confusion. Returning to the issue in question, opposition to the Cuban System of Government after the 1970s increased considerably in Cuba. Many Cuban artists were censored for criticizing the Government, painters, writers, musicians, philosophers, etc. Many were forced to leave Cuba to whom the Dictatorship denied them the right to re-enter the country in this way, it never allowed these people to see their relatives again.

The Cuban Military Dictatorship promoted that any Cuban who thought differently from the System is a criminal and should be judged. 

The Cuban Constitution was manipulated by Fidel and in this it clearly explains that any person who tries to protest against Socialism is committing a crime. Violation of freedom of expression in this country. Furthermore, the demonstrations against the system are illegal by law, however, demonstrations on favor to the Dictatorship are legal which is absurd. Cuba is the country with the most political prisoners in the all world.
We speak of more than 300 people imprisoned for thinking differently. Everything is registered, none of these people have committed a crime, they are imprisoned for protesting against Communism. These people live in prisons with very poor living conditions, most of them are tortured and subjected to forced labor. Many have been inoculated with diseases such as HIV, AIDS or others. This is not a fictional story, all the testimonies of these people are stored on the Internet, I am just like a small window to the History of Cuba through which all of you can look.

The Repression of the Cuban Dictatorship intensified even more in the 1990s with the fall of Socialism in Russia. Due to this fact, Cuba was left out of supplies because the entire economy of the country depended on the royalties giving by this country. People began to get upset due to the shortage and Fidel's lies. Then they took to the streets of Havana to protest. In response to these events, the Cuban Dictatorship sent a group of military and police dressed in civilian clothes to beat up the protesters. In this way, in the eyes of the international media, a group of people were seen against the Cuban System and another group in favor. That is why in Cuba people live in fear, Cubans distrust everyone, anyone can be a police officer and work for the Dictatorship.

After the protests, Fidel, seeing the discontent of the population, publicly pronounced the following: "Whoever does not want to live in Cuba and follow Socialism, we let them leave, we don't want them, we don't need them." And then thousands of Cubans lost their lives at sea trying to reach the United States, others died frozen in aircraft holds, others disappeared in the jungles of South America and others achieved their dream and today they are living a free life.

What is happening today in Cuba? 

Now a days the Dictatorship keeps sending the police to beat up people who speak out against the system, as with many friends I have on the island, this article is dedicated precisely to them. When a person constantly protests, they orders that some common crime be fabricated in order to take him to jail and thus silence him. In this way, it also shows other citizens what could happen to them if they did the same. As in Cuba the judiciary belongs to the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba). The law does not exist and the accused will go to jail for sure. 

There are groups of opponents such as the "Ladies in White", which are a group of women who lost their children or relatives as a result of the Dictatorship. These women protest peacefully and are always publicly beaten by the Cuban police.

The same thing happens to the young Cuban artists who protest against the system, are beaten and publicly accused of criminals. Even in the national press they show their faces on National TV violating their privacy and Human Rights! The Dictatorship not only physically attack people, it also does so psychologically.

People who protest in Cuba are accused of false crimes, they are not allowed to work in good jobs, have a prosperous business and many of them can’t even travel outside the country. At the time when I'm writing this article, many of the opponents in Cuba cannot leave their homes because the police are guarding them and do not allow them to leave their homes for fear that they will protest in the street. The Cuban protests are peaceful but the Dictatorship reacts with violence. This has been since memorable times, in Cuba the people who protest do so peacefully, without attacking or insulting anyone, most of them carry out these protests holding Flowers in their hands however. There is a group of ruthless people who attack people who demonstrate in the streets but there is another group that attacks on social networks.

Battlefield online.

With the arrival of the public Internet in Cuba in 2015, the possibility of being able to record and show the world the reality that the Cuban lives has been born. The Dictatorship never thought that the Internet could be the weapon of struggle of free Cubans. Instead, to strike back the informational work that many of people do on social media, they have hired people, mostly military students, to attack us or try to confuse or make a fool of us. To achieve this goal thousands of false profiles are created to insult and deceive the actions carried out on digital platforms. The Cuban Dictatorship hates Capitalism but uses its tools to promote its Communist Propaganda. This is called cynicism.

On the Internet we can find all the crimes and violations committed by the Dictatorship against the Cuban people, which reveals the Real Nature of Socialism and the threat that a System of Government like this represents for the free countries of the world. They also uses many economic resources to beat people and fight on social networks, but in Cuba there is no food, the streets are broken, there is no public transportation, there is nothing, only fear, despair and repression.

Fear of information.

For decades in Cuba events have occurred which have not been shown to the world because it was simply impossible. People was completely uninformed because the information has always been handled by the Dictatorship however due to the international pressure that millions of Cubans are exerting around the world, hundreds of Governments are recognizing Cuba for what it is, a Dictatorship and are taking measures against it. There is no free press in the country but the arrival of the Internet has changed the game! Dictatorship is a business and the most effective way to end it is by withdrawing the financing that is provided to it. Hundreds of businesses and companies that work with the Castro’s Family have been closed, causing serious economic losses to Cuban leaders.

In response to our activism, the official Cuban press declared a few months ago that Cubans could be tried abroad for their political activism against the Communist Socialism that reigns the country. A statement made only to try to intimidate free Cubans. How is it possible to prosecute a person who has not committed a crime? Is free speech a crime?

Happens that the Castro's Family is scared that the free Cubans who have maintained that Government for decades will collapse its business. I tell you this because the Dictatorship has always lived off the money that Cubans abroad send to Cuba to their relatives within the country. The above explained may seem absurd but the communists are capable of anything, although we already know their behavior, it has been 62 years of terror. In Cuba the repression has not been only for thinking differently. Homosexuals, lesbians and rockers were repressed in the same way. Although that is another long story that I will tell you later.

Why do Cubans mistreat their own people?

In most cases the repressors are police and military. Students who believe that Socialism works and are financially motivated are also used to make their thinking public on social media. Due to misery that exist, many people are willing to beat others for 3 pounds of chicken, a bottle of oil or a pound of beans… That is the reality. All these people act without impunity before the law because they believe they are safe and protected by the system, but the reality is that the system will not last forever, one day it will end and they will pay for their crimes! On the other hand, to end the stories that the Dictatorship has launched international campaigns trying to discredit the work carried out by the Cuban Political Opposition. The justification is that Cuban opponents are paid by the CIA or the FBI, for that reason, their actions are not recognized, because all this they do for money. 

What's wrong with making money? Typical of Communists, they are the only ones who can have money, the others cannot. Although all his claims are lies without proof or evidence as always. This is Socialism, a terror machine that only divides people and finds the solution to popular anger in repression. When tyranny is law, revolution is order. Citizens living in Cuba are unaware of their rights because Liberty was imprisoned in 1959.