The Cuba that only a Cuban knows.

In addition to misery, and the politics of fear, (I have explained previously) the Cuban Military Dictatorship also uses drugs to persuade and impede the free thought of Cubans, in this way, the Cuban does not have time or energy to think about  get their freedom. In this way, they continues in power until today, 62 years later. The Cuban government regime always had great links with the illegal drug trafficking that occurred throughout the Caribbean. Communists love easy money and this was one avenue by which the Castro family made millions. There are thousands of proofs that affirm the relationships between Pablo Escobar and the Castro family, but even so, the Cuban Military Dictatorship refuses to accept it.

​Due to the geographical location of Cuba in the Caribbean, it served as an import route for the distribution of the product, in this case we are talking about cocaine, Marijuana, among other derivatives. This was the route operated by the drug trafficking directed and organized by Pablo Escobar: Colombia-Mexico-Cuba-United States. In this way it was faster and more effective and the Castro's won their share but all of this ended when a large shipment of cocaine from Cuba fell into the hands of the DEA and the Cubans arrested in the action denounced the operation. I explain this to all of you so that you know how involved the Cuban government is in this matter.

In Cuba the consumption and possession of Marijuana among other drugs is illegal and punishable by jail by law however you can get drugs anywhere. It is stupid to think that the Cuban government has no knowledge about it. They know what is going on but do nothing about it just because it suits them. Consumers of "soft" drugs in Cuba such as Marijuana are people between the ages of 16 to 45 years. Most are young. Precisely these people should try to change the situation that the country lives, but this is only a dream. 

Drugs in Cuba are used by the government to make young people forget the reality in which they live.
In Cuba, the sale of alcohol and cigarettes is not controlled, so minors have free access to these drugs. These products are also sold at very cheap prices so almost anyone has access to purchase them. Currently in Cuban supermarkets there is no food, there is no toilet paper but, people can find alcohol and cigarettes.

The Cuban is apparently "cheerful" for many foreigners who visit Cuba. We must not confuse joy with happiness, these two approaches are completely different.

Young Cubans know that there is no future, there are no reasons to study or attend a university, so the youngest take refuge in drugs to forget this harsh reality where very few are the who get ahead in this situation. They has a high human potential but is unable to exploit it in a country where there are no freedoms, where the government does not promote respect or individual and collective development. The repressive Cuban Government has organizations at its disposal such as national security, the police and the army, that is why I always call the Government of Cuba as a Military Dictatorship. These are the ones in charge of monitoring the people who distribute the drugs. When a salesperson starts making more money and their standard of living increases, they immediately go and arrest these citizens. On many occasions they are offered agreements in exchange for information. ​I mean that the police offer cooperation agreements to detained people if they don't want to go to prison. This is how these corrupt communists work. In summary:

The drug problem in Cuba is not a problem, it is a solution of the Cuban Military Dictatorship. In this way, they end the dreams and hopes of millions of young Cubans and in this way avoid a social outbreak that will end that system. Socialism and communism are terror government ideology because they simply condemn the people of an entire country to live in poverty and suffering. Instead it benefits and enriches a small group of people who are capable of deciding your future regardless of their abilities. For people who use the term socialism without knowing its meaning, I explain that millions of people have died and continue to die as a result of this Ideology. Millions of people like me have been forced to leave their own country leaving everything behind. Millions of people today don't have food and they live in poverty and millions live without basic human rights such as the right to think freely or simply live with dignity.