The dignity of Cubans. Communism vs democracy.

What if I told you that all the great parades that the Cuban Dictatorship shows to the world are false?

One of the largest parades that Cubans perform each year occurs every May 1, International Workers' Day. In the eyes of the world, Cuban workers are prosperous people, with decent wages and they parade to show their satisfaction and support for the Communist System of Cuban Government. I'm sorry but this is all completely false. First:

The Dictatorship summons the participation of the schools of education average and superior level. Students are forced to attend and if they do not they can be punished with reports which harm these students once they decide to study a university degree. On the other hand, most of the students attend these parades because it is a holiday in which classes are not attended and the vast majority of students drink alcohol in these parades as a means of entertainment. Other students just don't care about the reports and stay home. (Own experience.) On the Oder hand, as I have already explained to you in previous articles, Cuban workers obtain terrible wages which are not enough to meet the basic necessities of life. These wages are called: Slave wages. The Dictatorship is aware of this situation and forces workers to attend these parades, otherwise they may lose part of their salary. This is how they works.

Many Cuban workers are afraid of losing part of their salary and simply attend these events. In this way, they further legitimize the Cuban Government System in the eyes of the world. Despite the fact that wages are not enough, some people do not want to lose their job because they can steal products they need to survive. This is how life works in Cuba.

The person who works in a butcher shop steals the meat to feed his family, the nurse steals surgical supplies, then sells it and thus earns a little more money, the person who works in a gas station steals gasoline and sells it and that is how it works in all the Cuban companies. Corruption in Cuba is extraordinary. The Dictatorship is aware of these activities but simply allows people to carry them out, otherwise the Cuban dies of hunger. Hell exists and is called Cuba. There are also people who despite everything I explain here, believe in Communist Socialism. Most of these people are military or work for the Government, making clear what I have always explained to you guys here. Cuba is a Military Dictatorship that is the reality. These people are also in charge of betraying Cubans who try to open a business or carry out actions against Communism in exchange for some money or food this happens products of the poverty and misery that the country lives, where there are a lot of people without pride or dignity.

I consider these and all the people who in any way directly or indirectly support the existing Government System in Cuba: Traitors to the freedom of Cuba.

The Cuban Dictatorship uses a lot of money to carry out these parades and promote the Communist Propaganda around the world. This money can be used to solve the problems that affect society, but this is not the case. Every day there are more worthy Cubans who despite knowing the government's practices, do not attend these parades, making it clear that they do not support the System. Precisely for these people Cuba needs to change!