Position adopted by the Government of Washington after the peaceful protests in Cuba.

After the events of July 11 in Cuba and seeing the support received by the international Cuban community, which likewise took to the streets in their respective countries in solidarity with the events that occurred on the Caribbean island. Many wondered what role the White House would play in all this and what its position would be in the face of the abuses carried out by the Cuban Dictatorship against its citizens. Many advocated a military intervention assisted by the US Government while others simply called for the repeal of the US law that prevents Cuban residents of that country from returning to their country of origin (Cuba) by means of their boats.

The latter can be eliminated by the president himself in command without the intervention of the Senate, however Biden is not willing to make such a decision either because it would mean a legal option for free and armed people to act against a dictatorial state and that is not in his interests.

All of this occurred in the silence of the White House, where the administration led by Joe Biden seemed unaware of what was really happening in Cuban territory.

United States. Freedom Paradigm.

After the pressure exerted by the Cuban voting community in the United States, which represents a little more than 2.5 million Cubans, the majority of whom are in the State of Florida, one of the most important states in the North American electoral campaign. Finally, the Biden Administration ruled on the matter and his decision was the following. 

Remove the limit on sending money, medicines and food from the United States to that country. Measure established by the previous administration led by the democratically elected President Trump.

Leaving millions of Cubans astonished with such measures that in no way represent the values ​​that the North American Government, defender of Freedom and Democracy of the oppressed peoples of the world, professes in each of its speeches. Demonstrating with itself the little interest that the process of Liberation of the Cuban people supposes for the administration of the existing Government.


Why does Washington not help a country like Cuba to free itself from an illegitimate Dictatorship?

The position adopted by Biden is cataloged by many free Cubans (including me) as a sovereign act of betrayal of the Freedom of Cuba after the events of 11 J. History does not lie. A similar event occurred in 1961 when a group of exiled Cubans in Miami decided to liberate Cuba from the Dictatorship implanted by Fidel Castro when he took power in 1959 through armed struggle. These Cubans called themselves Brigade 2506 and landed at the Bay of Pigs in April of that same year with the promise of then President of the United States John F Kennedy to help the Cubans by providing US military support after 2 days of the occupation of that area of ​​the beach where a provisional government would be established and then the entire country would be liberated, but that never happened because Kennedy did not send the troops and Fidel simply won that battle with the support of weapons from the former Soviet Union, now Russia.

Cubans ask for Freedom. No food or medicine.

This decision made by the Biden Administration only proves one thing. The United States is not interested in helping neighboring peoples achieve their Freedom and Democracy if these do not represent any economic benefit for it. It is no less true that Biden represents the North American Democratic Party, which he has always supported with his Socialist leftist political actions, but even so, it is inconceivable that the pertinent measures have not been taken against a Dictatorship that orders shooting of innocent civilians with firearms who demand only their natural rights. On the other hand... Removing the limit on sending money, medicine and food to Cuba from the United States, as strange as it may seem, only economically benefits the Dictatorship established in this country because all the money that enters it ends up in the bank accounts of their leaders while food and medicine must first pass through state agencies before being delivered to the recipient. In the same way, the increase in remittances sent to Cuba creates a state of doubt in the population where many people may begin to think that the solution to this situation is money when the reality is that the human being needs Freedom first for this way to get money and prosper in life. Perhaps all this is just my theory, but I believe that it is in the interest of the North American Government that Cuba continues to be a Dictatorial state because there are many businesses there whose owners are of North American origin. Perhaps this is the reason why it is not convenient to help the Cuban people to achieve their Freedom.