When patience reaches the limit. The beginning of the end.

July 11, 2021, an unprecedented event has happened in the history of Cuba. The Cuban people, led by youth and workers, have taken to the streets throughout the country to demand their rights. Freedom, democracy and the dismissal of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) That have been the demands of the people after a wave of violent attacks carried out by policemen and members of the army, many of them dressed in common clothes to confuse the international press.

The protests began in a small town in the Havana province called: San Antonio de Los Baños, where a group of people gathered to publicly show their discontent against the current existing Government System. Little by little more people joined this group reaching more than 1000 people in this little town. Quickly and thanks to the existing communication between the citizens of the island, the demonstrations expanded to other provinces of the Cuban national territory, creating with it an almost massive national protest which was amplified internationally by the independent media and the citizens themselves who, with their cell phones recorded this fact never before seen on such a scale in the Republic of Cuba. 

All the protests have developed because of all the years of abuses by the Communist State to which Cuban citizens have been exposed. Which have waited more than half a century for a change in the peaceful system or for improvements in their basic living conditions. Requests that have never been heard by the Castro family through all these years forcing millions of Cubans to emigrate to other countries in search of freedom or simply remain on the island and live as a slave to the system. All these factors accumulated in Cuban society were the flame that ignited the desire to fight. An event that has undoubtedly marked a new era in the history of Cuba and a new path to follow for new generations.

It should be noted that in 1994 hundreds of Cubans took to the streets of Havana demanding their rights, although this fact took place only in this province of the country, which was easy for the authorities in question to control.

It should be noted that all the protests carried out began peacefully, no protester attacked any state property or citizen's home. The majority marched with Cuban flags, posters or flowers in their hands, which makes these protests a legitimate act of a people that needs and demands freedom. 

In response to these peaceful actions, the current Cuban President Miguel Días Canel has announced that these demonstrations will not be allowed and will be confronted by the existing government system. It is really outrageous to see how the president of a country is not able to listen to the cry for help of his own people. All so as not to lose the privileges granted by Raul Castro, a person who leads the country from the shadows where the current president in the eyes of the world is just a puppet without any executive power, although that is another long story.

At the time of writing this article, the exact number of Cubans exterminated and disappeared in these protests is still unknown. Hundreds of Cuban mothers are unaware of their children's parade and the Dictatorship does not take responsibility for any of their actions. In the same way, the electricity and internet supply has been cut off throughout the island so that people cannot communicate with the outside world.

Personally, I never thought that such protests were possible in a country like Cuba due to all the factors that I have explained throughout my articles demonstrating once again the uncontrollable human nature.

I am very proud of the Cubans who have had the courage to fight for their future and aspirations, for all of them, my deepest respect and support. I hope that international organizations protect and help the Cuban people in this fight. It has been 62 years of fear and Dictatorship but all this has changed on July 11, 2021 where thousands of Cubans have risen up against an oppressive system showing the world that a united people will never be defeated by any government.

This is how Cuba takes its first step to freedom... The beginning of the end...