The benefits and gratuities of the Cuban Government System.

The control and rationing of the human and natural resources that a country possesses by the Government System makes its development impossible, creating in turn a society dependent on the Government where people only think about receiving help, free money and forget the value of worked.

Many year ago, when the world suffered the scourge of wars the policy of rationing was necessary. Where the Governments of the countries in conflict had to rationalize all the products of daily use so that in this way they could be distributed equally among all citizens. This happened due to the low production product of the warlike event that occurred. We all know the great economic and human impact that wars have represented in the history of mankind.

Although all this seems a thing of the past, today, this measure continues to be applied by countries with Communist Government Systems as a means of social control. In defense of these practices, the countries involved justify themselves by stating that they provide food and other basic means of life for free to the population, which is a total lie. Since the beginning of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro eliminated the free market on the island, eliminating with it the production of private companies which passed into the hands of the government in question. Fidel had all the money and raw materials in the country.

Gratuities to citizens.

In this process the existing administration handed over stolen properties to people without due legal process, although I believe I have spoken about it in one of my articles anyways… At that time, the Cuban supply book (1962) was created, which consisted of a book that the Dictatorship distributed to each family nucleus in the country. This document had evidence of how many people lived in a household and each member of the family was given a basic food basket and other monthly utilities such as:

Among other products. *These products are not free, the Dictatorship sells them but at slightly lower prices than usual.

It happens that when a relative died or left the country, the person who owns this book had to attend a government office for said person to be removed from this document. On the other hand, the Cuban did not do this job and continued to receive food from a dead man even 8 years later. This is what the poverty of a Cuban living in Cuba comes to.

Rule number 1:

Never accept free things from any government, otherwise you will become a slave.

This desperate rationing carried out by the Cuban Dictatorship was carried over to all other sectors of society. In Cuba, absolutely everything is rationed by them. People don't know the meaning of the word abundance because they just haven't lived in it.

Why doesn't the Dictatorship allow people to buy everything they want?

They knows that the country is in crisis and there is no internal production, so if it allows people to buy everything they want, the stores will be empty in a few hours and then all these products acquired by the people will be sold on the black market of the country at prices higher than normal because of the demand. To prevent this from happening, the Communist state of the Republic of Cuba solves the problem with more rationing and repression. This is like putting out a fire with gasoline because the main consequence of rationing is corruption.

In Cuba you cannot buy more than 2 bottles of oil, or more than 3 pounds of chicken or more than a package of rice per person and things of this type and much worse is the situation in the case of medicines. Remember that medications are really important in everyone's life. To enforce the law, the Dictatorship orders the police to take care of the food stores or sends inspectors who verify how many products each citizen buys and measures of this type as if it were a German film Nazi.

You can not buy in the same store on the same day.
To ensure that this measure is not violated, members of the Cuban army take photos of the personal identification cells (ID) of each citizen in each store. Violating their privacy which translates into huge lines to place orders from early in the morning in any place where food or other products of interest are sold. Despite all these violations of civil and human rights committed by the Dictatorship. Nor can Cubans protest for their rights because they are beaten by the police. Imagine for a moment that the government of your country begins to limit the number of products that you can buy. What would you do about it?

Those most affected by this policy are children and the elderly.

In the case of children, they do not have a good diet. In the same way, they cannot enjoy this beautiful stage of life. Many Cuban children fall ill because of not being well fed, something really sad that happens. Having money in Cuba does not mean that you can buy what you want.
The Dictatorship has decided to raise the salary of Cuban workers in this way, it warns the people that the gratuities are coming to end. This is one of the many strategies carried out by the Dictatorship to brighten the lives of Cubans. Money in Cuba has no value due to lack of production. Something similar to the movie Max Max where people fight each other to survive while the System is the absolute owner of all resources.

Limiting people's purchasing power is what the Cuban Dictatorship has done for decades, accusing anyone who produces money for himself, his family and his community as criminals. Cuban communist rationing is a policy of war in times of peace.