Equality in a Socialist System. Communism examples.

The social equality promoted by Communist Socialism consists of: Cut off Usain Bolt's foot to prevent him from being faster than the other runners on the track or force Lionel Messi to play without shoes just because he is a genius and he has to be at the level of the other players no matter what. This is what the equality of Socialism is all about

Socialism does not create laws to create a just society, they only limit talented people to make them mediocre and put them on the same level as the other mediocre people in society. In this way they eliminate millionaires who are usually the most talented people in society. 

The equality of Socialism means poverty for the majority and only they, those who govern, have the privileges. The rules of the game are different for them for example: 

They are allowed to play a game of basketball with boxing gloves placed on their hands so they can hit anyone who comes close to them or they can simply play basketball with spring shoes on their feet to jump even higher. 

That's how ridiculous this ideology is. And this is the article where equality Socialisms is explained quickly and easily.