What is happening in Cuba after the peaceful protests that occurred on July 11, 2021?

Reason for all the protests carried out by thousands of Cubans throughout the country on July 11, 2021, where thousands of them inside and outside of the country demanded their rights to be free as well as the resignation of the current government system. The repressive forces under the command of the PCC (Cuban Communist Party) led by the current president Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez, have made the information of public interest that anyone who has been part of the events that occurred on July 11 which, according to him, undermine the Socialist gains achieved by the 1959 Revolution. Likewise, he warned on national television that each person who protests will be prosecuted as stipulated in the law. Law which has never been taken to a popular vote. It has been imposed by them in order to defend their personal interests.

The Cuban family.

Since the events of 11 J began, hundreds of young Cubans between the ages of 14 and 18 have been victims of attacks by the Cuban political police. Many of them have been shot and killed, and many others between the ages of 17 and 25 have been forcibly detained. Many times even, breaking into the homes of hundreds of Cuban families without a court order, violating respect for private property, which does not exist in Cuba today. There are more than 300 disappeared persons whose whereabouts are still unknown and it is important that the international community interested in the Cuban revolutionary process and the general culture of this country have free access to all the information that is shared here so that in a civilized way understand everything that being Cuban means and the enormous responsibility that we as citizens must assume. In Cuba, the PCC has absolute power in the country, including military power, which means that in case of confrontation or conflict between the people and the Government, the latter will use weapons if necessary. Here is the importance of having a law that allows legal citizens, of legal age and in full use of their psychological faculties. Being able to have a permit that allows them to carry firearms and thus protect their life, that of their family or their private property from any type of external aggression. Cuba was and still is in the midst of a health and economic crisis when all these events occurred. Where citizens find themselves in a daily state of stress after not having at their fingertips the basic means of life that any free citizen of the world has, however, despite all this situation, the Communist Party of Cuba has not not even had the decency to listen to the Cubans and instead of trying to calm the situation they have called for war against anyone who demands their rights.

Dark times.

Many affirm that Cuba could be involved in a civil war, although personally I believe that the chances of an event of this magnitude happening in this country are quite low because a civil war happens when both groups in conflict are armed, which is not the reason for the above occurs. It is truly alarming to see videos in which uniformed troops open fire on unarmed civilians. Events that really make people like me think deeply why do certain people allow themselves to be manipulated by others who profess ideologies that they themselves do not apply in their lives? I just think that the human being is weak and easy to manipulate, that's why he acts that way.

Merit to heroism.

Even knowing the consequences of protesting in the streets, the people decided to do it and continue to do so today without fear because 62 years of lies have been more than enough. Demonstrating in this way that the dignified Cuban does not protest for food or for crumbs from the Government. He does it because he wants Freedom and he knows that it is the first and most important step towards Prosperity.