Important facts about Cuba.

For many years, people have had the wrong idea about​​ Cuba. Socialism has done a lot of damage to the Cuban people and Cuba, it is not very different from North Korea, both countries keep the same system of government, the only difference is the culture. The blame for the fact that the country is completely destroyed belongs to the Cubans themselves, who for many years have promoted a false image of this country in the media. Communist Socialism is summarized in: A modern feudal state where absolute control lies with royalty. Power is always centralized in a only group of people, in this case power is inherited. There are no free elections. As it happens in Cuba, Nicaragua, China and North Korea. In any case the elections are rigged.

There are only two types of Cubans. Those who live from Socialism and those who suffer from Socialism. The reality that exists in the country must be explained to the world because it is the only way to help those who still live there. International pressure is important to force the Dictatorship to resign, relinquish power or make changes in favor of the people. The Cuban Dictatorship depends almost entirely on foreign investment in the island and tourism to survive because the country's economy has been destroyed due to existing mismanagement. Thanks to the pressure exerted by millions of people outside of Cuba over a long time, Cubans have had the opportunity to have a cell phone, to visit hotels in their own country, to have access to the Internet among other things, this seems crazy but for Cubans it was almost impossible. If companies and international citizens that do business with Cuba are alerted to what is happening there, they can make the decision to stop any exchange with that System, thus limiting the enrichment that is going to their members pockets. I remind you that the Cuban Government System is a business where the leaders keep all the money that enters the country each year while the citizens live in misery. It is important that you as a free citizen know the risks of Socialism. You may think that it is a prosperous and functional System of Government, but is not. By knowing the Cuban reality you also will understand much better the intentions of Presidents and candidates with Socialist Ideals. These people always advocate providing free service to the population. Never vote for these people, remember that money does not fall from the sky. Everything is a trap.

People suffer the consequences of all this but they do not protest in favor of a change in the Government System because they are afraid of it. They do not know the meaning of the FREEDOM because they have simply never experienced it that’s why it is easier for them to ask for free money from someone abroad. It can be family or friends, doesn't matter and that is how many Cuban families survive and in this way, they also help unwittingly he Cuban Military Dictatorship. Thousands of Cubans does not know the value of effort and sacrifice. In my case, I am afraid that Socialism may one day take power in my current country, putting the freedom and democracy of all the citizens who live here at risk. These articles are a warning of what Socialism is. This is the testimony of a person who survived this System and is telling the whole experience of it to others. Keeping quiet is not an option, only cowards and opportunists choose that route. There are millions of people who, even knowing all the abuses that take place in Cuba, continue to do business with the Cuban Dictatorship without having a minimum of respect for the pain of the people who live there.