Democracy and its variants. How is democracy applied in Cuba?

What is democracy? Many search results appear on the Internet, but democracy is simply the majority vote.

Democracy itself can be dangerous, that is why in the year 1970 economics and politicians came together to create a wave of conclusions that later forged the concept of Neoliberalism which consists of implementing a policy to minimize the intervention of the State in the society supporting individual economic freedoms and the free market in order to eradicate or completely eliminate poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries. 

Neoliberalism likewise promotes the individual and natural rights of each person, where the individual himself is his most important private property. Both concepts merged to create Liberal Democracy which advocates the protection of citizens from the establishment of Dictatorships in their countries of origin even though they have been democratically elected by the majority of voters.

"In a liberal democracy the most important thing is the individual over the Government" The same is exercised when the natural and individual rights of each human being are respected.

1- Right to life.
2- Right and respect for private property.
3- Freedom of expression.
For example:

When a president has been democratically elected it means that the majority of the free people of a country have voted for this person, so far everything is fine but: 

Under what circumstances have these elections been held? 

Have these elections been really democratic?

If we look at it from this perspective, many will say that there is Democracy in Cuba because most of the people voted for Fidel from 1959 to 2016 but…
Presidential votes in Cuba have always been conditioned by the violation of the natural rights of each citizen of the country, in this way, the government manipulates and directly influences the vote of each person. In Cuba, the same president will always come out because votes do not matter. Fidel was president for 60 years, something impossible that only happens in countries where there are Dictatorships, that is why we need to defend a liberal democracy because it is the only way to protect ourselves from such actions that governments carry out. We cannot confuse democracy with Capitalism, they are two different things. Capitalism is an economic system that generates wealth, just that.

I would also like to explain that in Cuba, although the majority of people voted for Communism, they did so simply because there was no other political proposal. There are millions of Cubans who are not communists but do not have a political party that represents their interests because the Dictatorship does not allow it however, we can say that in Cuba there is democracy at 1% because even if the majority vote, their votes have no value due to the violation of the natural rights to which the citizens of the country are subjected.

I hope I have explained clearly and simply why there is no a Real Democracy in Cuba and the importance of a liberal democracy in a transition of power. Democracy can end in Dictatorship if it this one is not Liberal. In the history of humanity we have a clear example where democracy became Dictatorship and this happened in the Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. Let us remember that the political party that this man led was named: National Socialist German Workers Party, which ran and won the elections democratically. In this case the majority of German citizens voted for this political party and you already know the rest of the story...

This is the clearest example of a democratic transition to a Dictatorship. Although it did not happen that way in Cuba because the transition of power never happened. Fidel took power through armed struggle, carrying out terrorist actions throughout the country. It is true that the previous Cuban president in power ( Fulgencio Batista 1958 ) had taken power through a military coup, but until then, the Cuban Constitution allowed the existence of other political parties, for which Fidel could have created a political party like Hitler did it and run for president. Like Fidel, Hitler was a Socialist, as have been most of the world's Dictators.

Democracy can become dangerous and become Dictatorship if it is not liberal. The individual must be above any Government and the intervention of the State in society must be minimal so that what happens in Cuba in free and democratic countries does not happen.