The Cuban and his fears.

We Cubans have been mistreated by a Government Ideology for more than 60 years. Our human rights have been humiliated by the elite that rule our country in such a way that many doubt if such rights really exist. Through history, the Cubans has been imprisoned, silenced, exiled, tortured and manipulated. Entire families have been victims of disinformation and mind control for decades being forced to follow orders without question, as if they were soldiers. The Cuban lives in fear... We carries fear impregnated in our blood. Very few have had enough courage to face the injustices committed across the country. The Cuban is afraid... Fear of fighting for a Freedom that he does not know and in which he has never lived however fear has died in many... Fear is the system's control tool and we know it. We still hope to achieve our Freedom, the patience of many has reached its limit. We will not be slaves of an ideology for life! We advocate for a political change in our country in a peaceful way, although we all know that the Dictatorship will not give a single inch. They will use violence as they always do, but unlike in other times, Cubans will have lost their fear. We are not cattle, we are human beings and we deserve respect. Living in fear is not an option in such a short life! We cannot be victims for life and wait for someone else to solve our problems! The future is ours! The future is now! Long live free Cuba! I will continue to write the reality that the Cuban people live because I simply have the right and the need to do so. There it is impossible to express yourself freely without being beaten or harassed by the System. Living with dignity is a right of every human being and that is precisely what I try to do. To live with dignity and pride. I am not afraid that the Cuban Dictatorship will deny me entry to my country. Cuba lives within me. Explaining all the problems that we Cubans experience in the communities in which we currently live is necessary. For decades the Cuban Dictatorship has lied to the world, now it is in the hands of Cubans like me to show the truth.