How does a communist country work?

To explain how a country built on the basis of Communist or Left Socialist ideals works, it is first necessary to know how a Mafia works and then draw our own conclusions.

​How do mafias work?​

Mafias are run by families or members of a clan who can become part of it through ceremonies or other types of events. They use terror and extortion as the main method of control. They are usually corrupt brotherhoods that pay money to the police, the army and other organizations so that they are not prosecuted in case of committing crimes. They also have connections with representatives of other Governments so that if they are betrayed they can escape. Most of their economic capital has been invested in properties, in this way they can have the money whenever they want. On the other hand they have people ready to sacrifice their lives for them. Mafia members are unscrupulous because they follow some kind of ideology that prohibits them from acting humanely.

All of the aforementioned is precisely what any Communist Government does. The only difference between both groups of criminals is that the former (Mafias) unlike the latter, govern their behavior through respect.