Respect and its value in our society.

"Stop the Hate" has been these days the slogan of millions of Asians who, like "BLM", have felt discrimination against their skin color and thereby raised their voice in defense of what they believe is a just cause. On the other hand, social networks have been key in spreading this message, maximizing this entire situation on a global scale, thus creating a state of opinion where the majority affirms that Asians are attacked precisely because of their skin color and not a reason for their behavior. In the same way, they have popularized the word "Hate" taking its real meaning out of context and creating more confusion in the new generations.

It is ignorance not to think what is said or say what you feel for fear that people will misunderstand the message.

Using the word "Hate" to express rejection is a mistake because this word has a much deeper and more encompassing meaning. That you don't like something or someone doesn't exactly mean that you hate them. That is why I claim that the word and its meaning is being completely taken out of context.


“Attempt to reject or eliminate what generates dislike, feelings of deep dislike, aversion, enmity or repulsion towards a person, thing, or phenomenon, as well as the desire to avoid, limit or destroy said objective.”
What has been said above makes it clear that this term cannot be used lightly as is often the case today where any inappropriate behavior is cataloged with this word and that is wrong because again, it is not about exterminating anyone because of their race, religion or sexual orientation, it's about feelings. All this happens because we live in a society where most people pretend to be too sensitive, where telling the truth has become a crime, where you can't be direct because many feel hurt and offended. A generation of glass that cannot be criticized because it breaks, then please… Stop repeating "Stop Asian Hate" because nobody hates Asians. The only people who possibly hate them are those who work or have worked in factories or other heavy labor in their service. People who have plenty of reasons to hate a certain group of Asians due to the mistreatment they receive daily in their workplaces. I have spoken with many friends who have lived through the experience and listening to them gives me goosebumps.

An Asian person is not barred from entering a hospital, supermarket, museum or restaurant because of their skin color or sexual or political orientation. No one persecutes them to exterminate them or harm them due to the same. The manipulation of information is something everyday to which to a certain extent I have become accustomed. Similarly, living in a different society from which I come from has taught me to see things from another perspective and to understand that the Internet is not the cure for ignorance. The human being is stubborn like a goat and easy to control by nature. We lack respect and self-esteem, here is the importance of having received a good family education. The family is the first and most important school of man. Do you want to know what Hate really is?

Hatred existed in WW1 and WW2 towards the Jews to the point of almost exterminating their population where millions of families were displaced from their homes to be locked up in concentration camps before being experimented on and then exterminated.

Hate promoted the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), a group of white supremacist extreme right-wing criminals whose main objective was to search for and capture black people and then exterminate them.

Hate and confrontation promotes the PCC (Cuban Communist Party) among Cubans themselves for the mere fact of thinking differently.

Hatred exists in Middle Eastern countries towards women where their natural rights are violated, forcing them to live a life of slavery at the mercy of the laws established by others.

We need to promote mutual respect, not with slogans or assuming the role of victim in this movie, it is necessary to be responsible. No more campaigns aimed at hurting the feelings of a certain sector or group of society in order to arouse conflicting emotions in these.