We live in a society where telling the truth has become problematic.

It's becoming very popular these days to be attacked by groups of people just for the simple fact of being honest.

The development and implementation of "social networks" in today's society has turned the personal opinion of each individual into an absolute truth. Truth which cannot be refuted by anyone because the people carrying the message do not allow this to happen, alleging that they are verbally attacked or even discriminated against in some way. Typical posture of a cowardly immature person who is afraid of facing the consequences of his actions. I am not sure if I have talked about this specific topic in my previous articles, and if I have I apologize in advance for being repetitive but it is necessary to talk about this particular topic even if it is one more time.

Between social networks, censorship and the thousands of ignorant people that exist in our societies, a wave of disinformation and manipulation of enormous dimensions is being created. Situation that affects many, especially the youngest. People easy to manipulate due to their lack of experience and knowledge where even most of their opinions have been forged based on the criteria of others, many of whom lie on the different existing platforms because unfortunately today, the lie sells more than the truth. Most of them are unable to even question the veracity of the information they hear in case of any doubt.

X Gender.

There are no 3 or 4 sexual genders. What fallacy is that of creating a genre X? That is pure manipulation, a big lie. In the world there are men and women and that is a fact, scientifically proven. Anyone who says otherwise is a manipulative liar and anyone who feels offended by this statement is simply one more manipulated and here is my firm position in the face of this absurd debate that is taking place today and is being promoted in all the media. 

Two people of the same sex will not be able to procreate because the male and female reproductive organs are biologically designed to carry out different functions.

The fact that it is now a trend in social networks to see people who perceive themselves as men or women being of the opposite gender does not mean that a law must be passed to legalize such behavior. That would be a serious mistake because approving and making such a practice legal would be giving a male prisoner the right to be transferred to a women's prison just because he, in his mind, perceives himself as a woman and that it can't be like that. I say this just to give an example but I still tell you more... In your mind, you can consider yourself a dog, a cat, a plant, a dolphin or whatever comes to mind but that will never change your biology or gender. If you search the internet you will see many crazy news of this type:

A man married a toy plane, a 50-year-old person perceives himself as a 5-year-old baby and acts like one, a person believes that he is a cat and things like that. Behaviors that have been promoted in major news channels because logically behind all this there is an objective that consists of legalizing and normalizing this type of behavior in order to divide society and manipulate it in a better way. Whenever I see one of the aforementioned news items, I seriously wonder what direction we are taking as a society. Either we are all fools or we are just losing our minds. I don't know what to think anymore to be honest.

Kanye West, the king of the show.

Kanye West does know how to attract attention, he has done it for a long time and he did not exactly motivate his music as he had us used to in past decades, this time he was in the crosshairs of all the media after being sued by the family of George Floyd just for the fact that he was honest and told the truth in public.

It turns out that the American rapper, composer and businessman was sued for a sum of $ 250,000 after stating in an interview that Gianna Floyd's father did not die due to the use of force applied by the policeman in question in the tragic event that occurred in Minneapolis USA on May 25, 2020, but due to excess Fentanyl in his body. Same family to which West donated $2 million the day of the incident that cost George's life.

Kanye West has not lied! In the results of the official autopsy, it was discovered that the fundamental cause of Floyd's death was due to the excess of this aforementioned drug in his body, but it turns out that now one cannot be honest because being honest is a big problem and many people feel offended. Regarding this particular issue, I acknowledge that George Floyd was on drugs, although I also acknowledge that there was excessive use of force by the policeman in question, which is wrong and reveals his lack of professionalism and preparation.

Socialists of the new century.

Now it is a trend to see and hear people who have never lived in socialist or communist countries defend these government ideologies publicly, stating that they are the solution to the existing gaps in capitalist societies governed by rule of law and free markets. People who lie because they simply speak from the ignorance of never having experienced and suffered in their own flesh the evil of said government ideologies. People who attack Capitalism from the comfort of their air-conditioned room, using said free market economic system and also using the platforms and tools that it offers to spread their message, I am talking about existing digital platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. Hypocritical people who cannot be described as liars and manipulators because then, they feel offended and all those people who follow them and applaud their arguments come to attack you without even investigating about it. The saddest thing about this is that most of the people who make such statements are young people between the ages of 20 and 35, many university students, demonstrating once again the lack of knowledge and values ​​that this new generation possesses.

Personally, I don't care if people get upset with the truths I say. Unlike the rest, I am direct in my approaches, I do not have much experience in life due to my youth, but I think it has been enough to understand the environment that surrounds me and how to live in it. I will defend what I believe to be right until the day I cease to exist, always reminding everyone who reads my articles that my life is not governed by any social network or anything like that. When I lived in Cuba I didn't have internet and even so I had knowledge about what was correct and what was not. I didn't know much about economics but i had the ability to do business and make a profit using basic free market policies in a Communist country where everything is illegal.

I hope that the arguments rise here help many understand the situation in which we are being dragged as a result of our own arrogance, ego and lack of knowledge. The solution to all these problems is in our hands. It's not about money, it's about will. The truth must be told, heard and accepted, only then will we advance towards a better future as a society.