Our society. Common examples of social issues.

We live in societies governed by technological advances that have managed to make our lives more comfortable and I manage to manipulate everything she refers to. A society where the vast majority of people lack their own criteria and thus have lost the ability to analyze situations in order to establish logical conclusions. Our society is one that promotes the implementation of "social networks" that do not fulfill such a function at all and where the majority intends to show a life parallel to the reality in which they live and develop. A society where affection is the currency of exchange and everyone goes like crazy in their search no matter how.

The society in which we live is the same where "Be yourself" is the Slogan, the message of consolation that is continually repeated to weak-minded people so that they feel accepted by the rest and are not ashamed of their behavior. A place where many have put aside human values ​​such as honor, respect, sincerity, etc, where many do not care about the evils that harm others and act ignorantly and arrogantly in this regard.  A society with all the means of communication available, yet people do not communicate...

I honestly haven't read a book in years. All the material to which I currently have access is online and I try to take advantage of this opportunity that life has given me to analyze what is happening around me in order to project criteria that help others find solutions. All based on my experience mainly. Information is power and I believe that my arguments could answer the questions of many out there, which is why, among other reasons, I have decided to create this space. As many will know, Cuba and its history have been the main reason why I write, although far from all that, there are situations in today's society in which I live that must be analyzed in the same way, reminding everyone that the world is not a place perfect but we must try to make it at least the best of places where we can all live together in peace and harmony.

Our society deserves that more people make their experiences public in order to have the ability to generate solutions by ourselves and not through any government institution. We are not victims of any system, we are of our own decisions. The brain is like a muscle which you don't develop if you don't exercise it and that is precisely what happens with many people. They don't exercise enough their brain, the most important organ in our body.