The family is the first and most important school of life.

Although the friends we choose greatly influence our behavior and the personality we later adopt. The family is the first and most important link in the evolutionary process of each individual in this society. It is responsible for creating human values ​​in each of its members, thus preparing them to face the challenges of life. Having said this, I would like to substantiate the value of schools and their main objective in our society.

Schools and their goals.

The way I see things, schools are made to give parents time to develop their lives. If schools did not exist, it would be impossible for millions of parents who inhabit this world to work or have free time. In reality, education as such is not paid for, the space where parents know that their children will be safe is paid for. In the same way, I dare to affirm that they do not guarantee the future of a person or their intellectual or cultural level, in fact, in most schools they do not teach human values. They are only limited to teaching students calculations, concepts, formulas, grammar, geography and in some cases foreign languages. With all this I do not want to say that attending schools is something bad or unnecessary. I simply want to say that it is not the most important thing in a person's life and there is a lot of evidence that confirms it.

It has been shown that natural processes such as failure, need, poverty, envy or even the loss of a loved one can be the way of motivation that drives an individual to overcome obstacles that life imposes and achieve success.

Returning to the main theme of this article, every family must be capable of forging human values ​​in each member of it. Values ​​such as mutual respect, sincerity and humanism. Without these values ​​it is impossible to create good people or better environments in which to live. This is one of the main reasons why the current world we live in is in chaos. The lack of values ​​such as respect has mainly pushed our society towards violence, misinformation, manipulation and the imposition of standards of conduct that are in no way consistent with our human nature.

If a family does not care about human values ​​and they simply force you to study, or they impose ideologies on you that do not respect the aforementioned values ​​at all. It will be very difficult for a child to grow up and then have the necessary skills and tools to be able to successfully overcome situations of daily life, in the same way. If your parents do not care about your state of mind and are not able to explain and answer your questions, do not expect their support in difficult times. Punishment and communication are tools that every parent should have at their fingertips to get their children to improve their behavior in a civilized way, always leaving violence and physical abuse aside, which only bring disorders and inappropriate behaviors as consequences in the same.

The value of a united family is incalculable in our society, which is why throughout history, people or institutions have tried using various techniques to divide and fragment it in order to have absolute control of the greatest resource that this planet possesses. The human resource.

Unfortunately in the society we live in, when the family is not united enough, tragedies happen which we all know and I limit myself to mentioning. There may be many causes that give rise to these events, but the truth is that talking about this particular topic and reaching a settled conclusion is quite complicated because each person develops in different environments and circumstances. In the same way, the culture, economic situation and political - religious beliefs of each family have a great influence on each one of us. Precisely for this reason I do not affirm that crime in general is a family problem because practice has shown us that the first thieves are the politicians who direct and control most of the countries in which we live.

Family institution.

The family as an institution must protect the integrity of each of its members against any external aggression no matter how. It is that, one of the most important qualities that we have preserved as a species through humanity. Something similar happens in nature with other species where family instinct forces its members to stay together and protect each other from any threat. The parental instinct is actually an animal instinct that we all possess.

Despite our differences, many of us consider people with whom we do not share any blood ties as members of our family; however, we have shared a large part of our lives with them, demonstrating another characteristic that makes human beings unique. Friendship.

Friendships unites us.

Friends are the family we choose, we do it of our own free will and the bond lasts many times throughout our lives. No moral concept forces us to do it, it is a bond established between people who feel feelings of mutual respect and have experienced different circumstances.