Cuban military youth. The last hope of the government.

"It's easy to play the game of war with the lives of others at risk." Why are young Cubans forced to do 2 years of military service in a country where there are no war conflicts with other nations? Let’s talk about Control.

In Cuba, the Dictatorship forces young people to throw 2 years of their lives into the trash in a military unit following meaningless orders. Time that young Cubans can spend studying and learning something new in their lives. This brilliant idea of ​​Fidel became true at the beginning of the Cuban revolution in 1959 where the Dictator decided to give military training to young Cubans so that according to Fidel, the Socialist conquests would be defended.

Thousands of young Cubans who were doing military service in 1975, young people barely 18 years old without military experience, were sent by boat to certain death located thousands of kilometers away. (I am talking about the Cuban invasion of Angola) Thousands of Cuban mothers lost their children or many were mutilated in this armed conflict only at the economic whim of a Dictator. (Among those young soldiers was my father who survived) Cuba is a country located in the middle of the Caribbean, without threats of attacks from any neighboring country, so it makes no sense to force young Cubans to do military service.

*Costa Rica, like many countries in the world, does not even have an army even. 

In any case, military service in Cuba should be voluntary, but this does not please a Military Dictatorship. The purpose of housing millions of young Cubans in military bases is first, a mind control strategy, where it is tried to place in the minds of them the false idea that Cuban Communist Socialism is perfect, invincible and that kind of lies. In addition, young Cubans are warned of the consequences of protesting against the measures of the system. The other thing is that military service is a way to recruit young Cubans with some talent. These young people are persuaded by the military to join the Army in this way the old generations of military are being renewed. The other reason young Cubans are recruited is for use as free labor. 

This is the oldest technique of the communists. Make people work without receiving financial benefits. Young soldiers are forced to carry out tasks of all kinds, be it agricultural or industrial work. It happens that in a country like Cuba, where no one wants to work in state industries and businesses, it needs people to do these jobs and soldiers, as well as Cuban prisoners, are perfect targets.

Hundreds have been the people killed by accidents in the military units. This happens due to the negligence of many officers and the misuse and age of the weapon. In Cuba the weapons used belong to the Second World War which was acquired from Russia for “free” as a gift from then-Russian President Nikita Khrushchev to Fidel Castro.

*Military service for women is alternative or voluntary, and men who acquire university degrees serve only one year of Military Service.

Living conditions of a young Cuban soldier.

The diet in the military units is terrible, in my case I only served in the military for 9 months due to a stomach disease acquired in my military unit. Soldiers are forced to wear the same uniform several times even if it is dirty and they are also forced to take cold showers at 6 am. As a result, thousands of young Cubans sick with respiratory diseases. All this as if it were a war when Cuba lives in total peace with the rest of the world. There are military prisons for soldiers who do not obey assigned orders. Today there are young people who are still imprisoned for military crimes. Guys who refused to carry out any task and were placed in military prisons where they were pressured to the extreme and these once again refused to obey orders. When this happens, the people involved are transferred to a court, which is sentenced and placed in ordinary prisons. They give the soldiers permission to visit their relatives a maximum of 4 times a month for a period of 1 or 2 days. 

*I know people who entered military service at the age of 18 and left at 24 due to military convictions.

What do young Cubans do to avoid mandatory Military Service?

Well, most of them try to escape from this obligation and it is logical. Many go to live in other provinces of the country, away from their residences, they do so for several years until the people in charge of recruiting simply forget their names. Some present a medical document showing evidence of a serious physical condition. Others leave the country before reaching the age of 18 and others simply pay a sum of money to a military official to evade this forced obligation.

The blackmail of the military Dictatorship to young Cubans.

If any young Cuban decides to leave the country between the ages of 18 and 25, they will have to show the document stating their participation in military service, otherwise the Cuban immigration office located in Havana will not grant them a passport. In this way, young Cubans who plan to leave the country are forced to do the military service first. On the other hand, the Cuban Military Dictatorship spends enormous human and economic resources in maintaining all the military units and the army while the country collapses to pieces. These people just don't know the meaning of the word shame. In my very personal opinion, I hate the Cuban army because in addition to serving the Dictatorship, they are in charge of attacking the people when citizens peacefully claim their rights. In any country that is respected, being part of the ranks of the army is an honor however in Cuba being a soldier is a humiliation.