Realities of Cuba. The reality that they don't want you to see.

It is no secret to anyone that poor countries are great victims of prostitution. In all countries there is such activity but in Cuba it happens that the existing level of prostitution is not reflected in numbers and millions of people like you may come to believe that prostitution does not exist there or the level is low, which is completely false. Cuba is not the beautiful beaches that photoshopped photos show you, is not a city of bright colors with a vintage touch where happiness reigns…There are millions of people who visit Cubans to have sex with young Cuban ladies thousands of them minors. This happens because many foreigners know the situation that exists in the country (Cuba) where the Cuban government does not penalize them for just being foreigners. This for many has become a business and they organize trips to Cuba only for this purpose.

Cuba has reached the point where parents offer their daughters to prostitute themselves.​

Due to the poverty that exists, parents see the only option to offer their daughters to foreigners, who, regardless of the age of these children, take advantage of them. We are talking about foreigners of legal age, who are rejected in their countries of origin, the majority have never had sexual relations and visit Cuba only to commit these crimes. The % of dollars that the Cuban Dictatorship acquires as a result of prostitution exercised by foreign citizens on the island is extremely high. As you know, the Cuban economy does not work. Cuban companies do not have the capacity to carry out large exports, so the economy depends exclusively on the dollars that enter the country each year.

The Cuban Military Dictatorship sells itself to foreigners.

Throughout history there have been laws that prevent Cubans from having friendly relations with foreign citizens. Police accusations to citizens who have relations with foreigners are frequent because it bothers that the Cubans explain their reality to people from other countries, that is why they carry out these practices. So to avoid all this and make this practice illegal they invented the following law: "Siege of foreigners" Where the Cuban justice have the power to put you in jail, simply claiming that you are taking economic advantage of the foreign citizen. This is just ridiculous!
There were many friends of mine, who visited police station just for the fact of walking with foreign friends through the streets of Havana, that law still is working today. Another unfortunate thing is that Cuba Dictatorship promotes foreign investment in the country but stops the investment of Cuban care in their own country.

If you are a Cuban resident in or out and you want to invest in a business on the island, the process is extremely difficult and all agreements must be made under the laws that the Dictatorship imposes otherwise you cannot invest, instead. For a foreigner the process is much simpler, that is why thousands of them live in Cuba in houses that the Dictatorship steals from their Cuban owners and then sells in dollars to the same who build mansions in a poor country.
In a country where education does not work, where young people do not have a job, where the health system is destroyed, in a country where there is no future, the only feasible option that many people find is prostitution. In Cuba, people prostitute themselves for anything. It can be money, clothes, shoes, food, appliances etc. It is painful to explain this but you need to know it so that you can help, do not traveling to Cuba is a huge help.

What does the Cuban Dictatorship do whit this whole situation?

I have already explained to you in previous articles that the Dictatorship does not care at all about the Cuban family. They only care about money regardless of the way in which they can obtain it and prostitution, is one of them that's why they do nothing about it, there are no laws that protect minors from these practices. Cuban children are unprotected. There are also foreign businessmen who, even knowing all this, invest in Cuba. Hundreds of then promote a beautiful Cuba in order to exercise prostitution with the support of the Cuban Government. People without morals, without human values, without dignity, criminals with licenses.