Once again the evil of Socialism is demonstrated.

The actions of Russian Dictator and current President Vladimir Putin have exposed the real nature of an outdated governing ideology called Communist Socialism. An ideology that I have talked about and will continue to talk about in my articles, alerting everyone to the danger that it represents for our society.

Publicly denouncing the war that is taking place in Ukrainian territory is everyone's duty. Let's not allow innocent people to continue dying because of the whim of a Tsar that not even his own people respect. Vladimir Putin still holds the position of president because he has manipulated the country's own Constitution in his favor, applying a policy of fear and fully controlling Russian military power, something similar to what happens in other countries with communist governments like Cuba, where the vote of the people has no value. We cannot turn our backs on this situation because otherwise it will happen again in the near future.

Perhaps there are reasons or confidential information to which we do not have access that explains in detail why the Russian government has decided to invade Ukraine. I say this because in my opinion there must be serious reasons for which these actions have been carried out. Nobody invades a country for pleasure, there must be previous conflicts for an action of this magnitude to be carried out, however, whatever the reasons, I do not agree that a free and democratic country such as Ukraine being invaded militarily.

I hope that the Russian people, with the help of citizens from all over the world, will be able to do something for both nations because the truth is that both are paying the price for the decisions made by a dictator like Vladimir Putin. It is necessary that we do something because personally I have lost faith and confidence in world organizations that claim to defend the human rights of citizens when the reality is that the only thing these institutions do is raise funds to benefit causes at their convenience and thus maintaining political power. All these "non-profit" organizations do not fulfill any function in our society because they do not denounce or try to eliminate or at least minimize the evils that affect us.