The greatest catastrophe in the history of Cuba.

On August 6 of this year 2022, the citizens of the Western Province of Matanzas, located just 53 miles from the Capital of Cuba (City of Havana) wake up under the alarm that an accident has occurred in the industrial zone located in the Bay of that province where one of the tanks where the oil used to supply electricity to a large part of the country was stored had caught fire.

The sky is covered in flames which are visible from more than 2 km away and huge columns of smoke rise into the sky before the astonished gaze of the spectators who record and take photos of the incident with their mobile phones.

A few hours later, the fire brigades arrive to calm the fire when suddenly a first explosion occurs that lights up the entire sky in an intense white color, killing more than 17 people, including military and civilians, in just seconds. Chaos reigns and people run for their lives in search of a safe place in which they can protect themselves from such an event. The causes, effects and consequences of said accident will be explained in a serious and concrete way. 

Current situation of Cuba.

It is impossible to argue what happened without first explaining the historical moment in which this beautiful country located in the Caribbean Sea is experiencing. This catastrophe occurs in the midst of an economic crisis caused by the implementation of an economic system imposed and planned by the Cuban Dictatorship itself that violates all existing free market policies and implemented in countries where there are successful and sustainable free market economies. 

As a result of all the mistakes made in the past and in the present by the Castro family, today Cuba is submerged in an unprecedented economic inflation in the history of this country where the Cuban peso (CUP) has lost its value as a result of the scarcity and little production where the Dictatorship does not respect or recognize private property and does not allow non-state businesses to develop fully, being the same, an obstacle to the free internal market that exists in the country thus stopping any possibility of development in the citizens. Something similar to what happens in Venezuela. To know more about it please read previous articles.

Main causes of the incident.

The Dictatorship has always lied throughout the years, so why believe their version of events?

Given the discontent of the people and the approach of an imminent social outbreak as a result of the misery in which the Cuban citizen lives. The media at the service of the Dictatorship have reported that the main cause of the accident was due to an electrical discharge caused by Lightning which set fire to one of the oil tanks that later caused the explosion. Information that for me is not real because they themselves do not provide any evidence that it has been so.

As I have already explained in other articles on this blog, the Cuban dictatorship does not give any importance to public service companies for the use of Cubans or nationals. These people only care about their businesses such as tourism, sending remittances to the country from abroad, the construction of hotels or foreign investments that are made on the island by shameless businessmen who profit from the pain of an entire people and help in turn the prolongation of a fascist state such as Communism. Sectors such as health, education or public transport are practically abandoned because they, unlike those mentioned above, do not report profits for the Cuban leaders. The accident could have been caused perfectly by poor handling of the personnel in charge or by lack of maintenance.

Let us remember that in 63 years of Dictatorship in Cuba, money has never been invested in the national public sector, causing the total collapse of the country's infrastructure. In addition, added to all this, the Dictatorship is not transparent nor does it carry out investigations in the presence of international organizations to really find out the cause of accidents like this. They are experts in lying and hiding the truth at all costs in order to preserve the image of Cuba as a Socialist Paradise in the eyes of all, just miles from the largest economic power in the world (USA), even if this means the death of innocent people. 

The manipulation by the Cuban press at the service of the Dictatorship has no limits and it has tried to hide from day one all the information related to the accident and data such as the number of deaths, injuries or people affected in general.

Response of the Dictatorship to such an event.

Due to the fact that the province of Matanzas does not have enough fire vehicles or human personnel to face an accident of such magnitude, help was requested from the fire department of the City of Havana, which had to drive for more than an hour to arrive to the accident area. In Cuba there are no security protocols in the event of a disaster like this and we were able to observe it months ago when the explosion of the Hotel Saratoga located in Havana occurred where not even ambulances attended at the time of the incident and to this day the cause that led to such an event.

The fatal arrogance of the Cuban Communists.

Returning to the subject in question, due to the lack of knowledge, experience and fatal arrogance of the communists in charge, it was ordered to put out the fire with sea water, taking advantage of the proximity of the electric generator to the sea, which resulted in the expansion of the fire towards other nearby oil tanks, further aggravating the situation and causing the explosion of several of these, leaving more than 17 firefighters dead, mostly young people of 18 years of age, many of whom were undergoing Mandatory Military Service and were sent to a certain death regardless of his lack of experience.

These young men were not professional firefighters and yet they were sent there. This is the malevolent nature of a Socialist government system such as the Cuban one, which should have asked for international help from the outset, seeing that it did not have the means and resources to combat this tragedy and thus avoid putting human lives at risk. Here the location of the accident.

Given all this situation, the closest country (USA) decided to provide help to calm this disaster, help which the Dictatorship refused to accept for purely political reasons. We all know that the Cuban dictatorship throughout its history has accused the Government of Washington of being the main culprit for all the problems that affect the Cuban people, so accepting help from them at this time would be to collapse this absurd approach of the oppressor against the victim. It is more important for the Castro family to defend a failed ideology than to protect the lives of human beings in the country.

Effects and consequences of such an accident.

In addition to the psychological damage to the survivors and their families, the economic and material damages to date are incalculable. Many families have had to leave their homes as a result of their proximity to the place of the tragedy, although this is not the worst. The worst is yet to come...

The place of the accident is a thermoelectric plant that supplies energy to almost the entire country and it is partially destroyed. As a Cuban who knows the history of my country, I affirm that the Dictatorship will not use money out of pocket to repair said facility because we are simply talking about a group of people whose nature is mafioso and abusive. They will try to receive international help by any means, they will look for someone to donate money out of pity but the world has matured and knows the nature of such a regime so that help will never come.

In 2021, the Cuban Military Dictatorship used 1.5 billion dollars in the construction of facilities for tourism with the hope that the treacherous administration led by Joe Biden would eliminate the sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump (which luckily did not happen). which considerably limit the enrichment of the Cuban Communist State. With those 1.5 billion dollars it was possible to build 5 thermoelectric plants throughout the country, but that doesn't matter to them because they all have power plants in their homes.

In the midst of all this chaos, the Dictatorship made public the information that the electricity supply would be cut off for more than 6 hours as a result of the lack of oil in the country, further aggravating the discomfort and anger of the Cuban people that at any moment comes out back to the streets to demand their rights. Imagine spending 8 hours a day without electricity in a Caribbean country where the average temperature is 32 degrees. What would your reaction be?

As if that were not enough, we must not forget the damage that this accident will cause to the country's ecosystem, including its beaches and nature reserves. Because this facility is located very close to the sea, much of this oil has been spilled there, contaminating these waters. The large columns of smoke produced by the fire and the explosions that were visible even in the city of Havana may be the cause of fatal acid rains for crops, animals and human beings in general. It is also important to mention the various respiratory diseases that can result in an event of such magnitude.

This accident is just the beginning of a series of misfortunes that will occur in Cuba as a result of inability, opportunism, fatal arrogance, lack of respect, and the decadence of a failed government ideology that for more than 62 years has benefited a group of people and enslaved an entire people. The leaders of Cuba live in mansions, they do not lack water, electricity or food while the working class of the country lives in extreme poverty. Change in Cuba will come from one moment to the next because human beings simply have limits. I hope once again that everyone who has access to these articles understands that we are fighting for Freedom against a vile and lying Mafia that calls itself the Government.