The existence of God is the product of human reasoning.

The human being has been the product of thousands of years of continuous evolution and development. We are and have been absolute masters of our destiny since the origins of creation, not Gods or divine entities as many claim.

Throughout history, the human being has worshiped different divine deities, many of which disappeared as he managed to reach a higher level of reasoning and discovered through observation and practice, the reasons why changes and processes occurred in nature which turned out to be inexplicable for the man of that time.

What would be of the human being without reasoning? What It would? Bodies full of meat and with an empty mind…

It is impossible to talk about religion without first mentioning the term reasoning because it is the basis of all ideological or philosophical theory. The difference between a human being and an animal of another species is found precisely in their brain and adaptive capacities. A wild or domestic animal does not have a God in which to believe because they simply do not reason and it is this specific approach that many religious practitioners sometimes ignore and when in doubt they resort to faith in response to their ignorance.

Through reasoning it is impossible to believe what a book like the Bible narrates because there are too many contradictions in it. Contradictions which can only be possible through faith without taking into account other factors such as Physics or Biology. We are talking about the most commercial and sold book in the world, a book which can be interpreted in many ways depending on the cultural level of each reader, written this way on purpose, that is why I affirm that this is the best book of Fantastic Adventures ever written in the history of humanity. The documents that really explain the advances of past civilizations lie in secret, many of them hidden in the Vatican's private bookstores to which the public is forbidden access.

We still do not know today how the majestic Egyptian pyramids, the great Roman engineering works, or the same Inca temples located in Peru among other interesting places in the world were built. For many it has all been the work of some God or alien life form because they simply refuse to believe that humans have been capable of such feats. *I do not rule out the existence of extraterrestrial life because our planet is just a grain of sand in the universe, something really minuscule.

The Gods are nothing more than an invention of human beings themselves to answer questions that they cannot or fear to answer. Something that arose from the mind of a group of people and evolved and took shape over time. It is not necessary to follow the commandments of any religion to be a good person, to be one, you just have to be responsible, respectful and love your neighbor as yourself, that is the social religion that we should all apply in our lives.

The true Gods of this universe are human beings who have been able to fly without wings, walk without legs, restore sight to a blind person or restore the ability to hear to a deaf person. The same people responsible for all the wars and mass exterminations that have occurred, but we are also the same ones who have emerged victorious from all this disaster. A civilization that is just over a decade away from establishing a colony on another planet and all this has been thanks to our reasoning.

The human being will be able to go as far as his ingenuity, effort, wisdom and ambition for power allow him. He himself will not achieve his goals as a result of any Divine intervention of any kind. Life is about attempts and failures and the very complexity of man as a living organism makes him doubt the origin of his own existence. We are too complex an organism for human credibility itself.