Varadero Cuba, learn more about this tourist paradise.

"Cuba boasts its beautiful beaches and spectacular gastronomy characterized by good taste and variety of offerings to visitors from all over the world. A place where happiness reigns and people live prosperous lives with very little. The perfect place where antiquity and The modern go hand in hand and where you can enjoy a ride through Havana in a car from the last century to the rhythm of the most original and good Cuban music! A developing country to which everyone is invited!"


Varadero is the main tourist pole of Cuba located in the Province of Matanzas on the North-Northwest coast of the Island. Its beaches are known worldwide and famous for their crystal clear waters and a warm and pleasant climate due to the geographical position of the country. They have been an attraction for thousands of tourists who visit this Caribbean island every year.

Although all this may sound spectacular, unfortunately for Cubans living in the country, visiting this place is only a dream due to the low standard of living that exists, among other factors that will be explained throughout this article.

A little history.

The Varadero tourist pole, which continues to expand to this day, began its construction in the mid-1920s when Cuba was a capitalist and developed society. Numerous Cuban, North American and foreign businessmen used a large part of their economic heritage in the development of this project but as everyone knows, everything fell into the hands of Fidel Castro in 1959 with the revolutionary triumph which took control of the country and stole existing businesses from their rightful owners. Since then, the Varadero Tourist Center has been owned by the Castro family.

The deep Hate of the Cuban Dictatorship to its own citizens.

Any Cuban who intend to use the Varadero facilities at present will not be able to stay where they wish, even if they have sufficient financial means to do so. In addition, the entrance to different establishments such as restaurants, spas, recreational areas, etc. Will also have limited access, all due to policies established by the Government in question. This occurs due to the laws that regulate the natural rights of the citizens of the country, which limit the freedom of movement of Cubans in their own country. On the other hand, foreigners will be able to have access to all the facilities as long as they assume the cost of the same.

*It is important that you know these data so that you understand under what circumstances many foreigners visit Cuba and its tourist facilities.

The Castro family, absolute owner of an entire country.

Helping the Cuban Dictatorship financially by spending large sums of money on its tourist facilities is a serious mistake that many people commit due to ignorance or disinterest. Cuba is a great business for its leaders and if we continue to finance their expenses we Cubans will never be able to enjoy a Free country. To understand in depth I recommend everyone to read my previous articles where everything is explained in detail.

Important aspects.

All the service personnel that operate the Varadero facilities get a miserable salary annually provided by the Cuban Dictatorship. Most of the workers carry out their work under the fear that state surveillance agencies have imposed such as the DTI (Intelligence Directorate) that monitors and prohibits them from enjoying the stay and gastronomy that operates in these places. Let us remember that the shortage of food in Cuba is a serious problem and the workers of companies such as Varadero generally extract products from it for personal or family use without the consent of the authorities. In the same way, all the human resources used in these facilities, such as food, medicines, construction materials, etc. Are obtained by purchasing them in the international market with the money generated by the Cuban workers themselves, business owners or even those who work in state companies, who cannot enjoy even a single day of these facilities because it is impossible for them to assume the economic expenses.

A Government without responsibility.

It does not matter how expensive your hotel reservation or other Cuban tourist facility is. You will always be alone in case of negative or unpleasant situations because the authorities in charge are corrupt and work only through bribery. This is the most visible feature in any Communist or Socialist System of Government where the state itself creates corruption in order to have even more control over citizens and be able to threaten them if they decide not to follow orders. These are practical arguments, not theoretical, situations that a person understands when living for a long time in a communist country, the books that talk about it may say otherwise, however in practice it is exactly how I tell you here.

Human values.

Unfortunately the aforementioned aspects are moral issues that I have no idea if most of the people reading this article understand or practice in their daily lives. Morality and respect for me are fundamental in this life, which is why I promote content of this type. Everyone is free to decide what they want to do with their time. For my part, I offer my experience, knowledge and opinion at your disposal so that you can draw your own conclusions.

Beyond all of the above. Many people have ever visited Varadero and have described it as a wonderful place without really knowing the reality of this place. For decades the Cuban has remained silent for fear of repression, omitting the truth in which he lives in all his speeches, although that reality has changed and it is time to give power to our voice.

Honestly, I never had the opportunity to visit the facilities of said hotel complex. I was not even able to travel and get to know my own country fully in my entire life, although I do not regret it because Cuba has nothing attractive beyond the people with values ​​who still live there, who are and will be the great treasure of the nation.

The Cuba that many know is only a reflection of what was a free and prosperous country of past decades. The reality of the Cuban people is dark and full of questions that many of us try to answer in order to solve the problem that we have dragged on for more than 62 years. It is time for people from other cultures to understand and clarify their doubts regarding this country and show solidarity with our cause of struggle. I'm not asking for help of any kind, I just ask for understanding and respect.