Feminism and the damage that this ideology causes in our society.

The philosophical, political and social principles of feminism date from past centuries where women, due to the society in which they developed at that time, found the need to fight for natural rights that before the law were denied to them for the mere fact of being women. All these actions over time have given rise to a popular movement on a global scale where they try to blame the man for all the ills of women and thereby destroy or destabilize the family as the main and most important social institution.


What began with the objective of achieving equality before the law between men and women has turned today into an absurd struggle where many do not understand that such differences between both genders have remained in the past due to the establishment of democratic states of rights where we are all equal before the law.

I don't really understand why feminism continues to be talked about in the 21st century where women are free to do with their lives as they please. I don't understand why intelligent and mature women defend a cause that in no way defends human values ​​and only creates ideological conflicts in people even of the same sex.

Placing women as a victim in society is not the solution to our ills. The existence of a patriarchal government is not real as many claim because reality itself shows the opposite and in this article I will give my arguments in this regard.

Common sense.

Throughout history, he has been the man most responsible for defending entire groups of populations in each and every one of the conflicts that have taken place between different countries and territories. A clear example of the previous approach are the wars which have dragged the same to dispose of their lives to defend that of other people. I invite everyone who reads this article to look for the figures of men who have died as a result of the various wars and other conflicts that have occurred during all these years. All this without counting the % of men who in the same way lose their lives each year as a result of high-risk work accidents or sectors in charge of preserving social security such as the police, firefighters, forest rangers, and border guards, which are exposed to all kinds of dangers. Man has existed throughout history to put his life at risk and protect that of others and although it is the reality, I am not complaining about it because it is simply what we must do as a species. This happens even in wild animals where the male puts his life at risk to protect his family.

Women are by no means the weak link in society.

What feminism wants to achieve as an ideology is to place limits on the minds of free women in order to control them by making them believe that the opposite sex is a natural enemy, blaming men for each of their problems when all this is a lie and vile manipulation. I have already explained in previous articles the damage and the consequences that all these meaningless ideologies such as Socialism or Communism bring with them. Each and every one of them all they do is further fragment our communities and create chaos and violence in them.

Information manipulation.

Many people claim that women in today's society are treated like a sex toy, an argument which honestly doesn't make much sense. A clear example of its immaturity lies in the artists of the present. In most cases they sell themselves as sex toys to the audience in order to generate income, a marketing strategy that has been proven to work and is applied by thousands. None of this is the fault of men, this is a decision that each woman makes personally. In most cases the man proposes something and the woman disposes. This means that a man can never commit actions against the will of a woman without facing the consequences that they represent. The woman has complete freedom to do with her body what she wants and we must all respect her decision. The human being is the first and most important private property of it.

The lie of the wage gap between men and women. Is there such a situation?

In capitalist societies where the free market and consumer preference rule, each person's salary depends on the amount of money that they are capable of generating through their skills or knowledge. For this there is a free market where people choose what they like and pay for it. This is called supply and demand. The clearest example of what I am explaining here is the UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, just to cite one example.

This magnificent North American athlete participating in the Olympic Games in combat sports (Judo) broke all sales records by presenting herself as an official UFC fighter to the point of becoming the highest paid athlete of this company, earning even more than the men's champions themselves from other divisions and all this she achieved as a woman. A clear example of everything that a hard-working, disciplined and determined woman can be capable of achieving in a free society.

Feminism in the political agenda of leftist groups.

As expected, Socialism wastes no time in supporting fighting causes such as feminism. Actions which in no way respond to a government desire to achieve equality between men and women because said equality already exists before the law. It is about creating social divisions where the State proclaims itself as the solution to these problems and then it imposes its policies. The same happens with LGBT groups where the requests of many of these people are promoted by Left governments in order to implant socialist ideologies and manipulate the main and most important economic resource of a country, which are its inhabitants.

The ridiculous objective of such a philosophy with which millions of people today feel identified is to create weak men, men who are easy to manipulate and that will never happen because being strong in all aspects is a condition that we as men are assigned by nature. Talking about feminism and condemning its implementation in our society is necessary for new generations to avoid being manipulated. An ideology that encourages violence between genders cannot be promoted under any circumstances, which is why I once again mention the word respect in this article. Women are just as important as men in the development of any community, territory or country. Do not allow as a woman that false ideas and limitations are placed in your head. Use your abilities to coexist in the best possible way in the environment that surrounds you and with patience and effort you will achieve your goals in life.