Let’s talk about gender identity and definition.

Being gay is not a hereditary disease or condition, it is not an ideology or religion. Being gay is a personal taste, a decision made by each individual as a result of their experiences, living conditions and the environment in which they live and develop.

Let it be clear that gender ideology is just a control tool used by governments to persuade people and make them divert attention from the main problems that affect our societies, such as the lack of freedoms and mutual respect. In no way is a false ideology like this necessary in a 21st century society where everyone is free to do what they please with their lives.

My vision of the world is simple, each individual is his most important private property. We must respect everyone equally beyond our personal tastes, although today there are groups of people who demand absurd rights specifically oriented to their sexual tastes and provide all attention and economic and human resources to this group while there are really serious problems in different nations of the world is a serious mistake.

What all this supposed "gay revolution" is really achieving is imposing by force personal tastes that have existed throughout the history of our humanity for many years. Since the Egyptians and long before, there have always been homosexuals and lesbians, this is by no means a phenomenon these days.  It is no less true that in past times the idea that 2 people of the same sex had intimate relationships was not accepted by many and there were several factors, they could be religious, political, cultural or even moral... The point is that on many occasions those people who admitted their preferences in public ran the risk of being violated however. All this has changed over time thanks to the development of nations and the establishment of Democratic Government Systems in them where Natural Rights are respected and I get the acceptance of this group of people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Create confusion to establish control.

It happens that today when you are about to create an account on any Internet platform, it asks you the following question:

What are you? Man, Woman or other... What does the term “other” mean?

This detail, no matter how small it may seem, is manipulation in its pure state, wanting to affirm in this way that we are what we believe we are and not what we are biologically good. Please, do not manipulate the new generations anymore. In this world there are only men and women, the rest are personal tastes of each one. There is no X Gender because the sciences that study living organisms (Biology) have not shown it.

That a woman wants to be a man or is attracted to people of the same sex as her is a taste and personal decision of each one. Before the law, we are all equal. What more rights does this group of people demand than those they already possess? Why don't we just understand that these individuals are not special and therefore do not deserve differential treatment? Why is the new generation manipulated into thinking that gays have no rights or lack them in our society?

Reality itself destroys any approach that places this sector of the population as a supposed victim of the system, reaffirming the metal weakness of millions around the world. Every person, even being gay or transgender, has the right and free access to information, education and the health system of each country in question. I have not prohibited them from entering Universities, hospitals, recreational centers or they are expelled from work for said condition. In the same way they are not persecuted to be mistreated, imprisoned or exterminated.

Wake up once and for all that we are all human beings and we have the same rights. This also depends on the politics of each country because in Communist countries like Cuba homosexuals and lesbians are mistreated as is the case with the rest of society. In Cuba everyone is equal because everyone is a slave, there is no respect for human beings, therefore there is no equality before the law. A similar case occurs in North Korea and in Middle Eastern countries where women do not have the right to education and are forced to wear a specific item of clothing, nor can they obtain a driver's license, among other aggravating circumstances. These people do need help, but some try to make people believe that the gay community is the most oppressed and needs everyone's recognition, a recognition they have had for years.

The complicity and support of social media.

The enormous influence exerted by online cat entertainment platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney or Hulu, just to mention the most popular, on people's behavior and opinion is no secret to anyone. It happens that today 98% of the content that we consume in some of these services have sexual scenes between people of the same sex and this is being done on purpose, it is not a coincidence. Most of us know that there are people with different tastes, it is not necessary to invade all spaces with this type of content. Remember that there are children in this society who must be educated and protected from an early age in life.

Gender ideology is a cancer in society. Something that should not be called that because it is not an ideology, I repeat, being gay is a personal taste, that and nothing more. It is something as simple as that there are vegetarians and others who eat anything. If we pay attention to the demands of every offended person without taking into account the real importance among priorities, a group of pedophiles will soon appear demanding that their practices be legal.

There are laws in our societies, each individual has rights, duties and responsibilities, that is more than enough. The real purpose in the implementation of this "ideology" is to deceive in order to create a group of marginalized people in society who must be helped and allocate public funds that are logically paid by the working class. Unfortunately, gays themselves marginalize each other by being part of all this media show.

The Left always finds an opportunity to try to divide.

"Gender ideology" is an issue that is being used in left-wing political campaigns to win votes and create divided societies because it is precisely these societies that are the easiest to control. It is enough to create ideological confrontations between citizens in order to take control of entire countries. All this with a clear economic reason.

The world is losing its mind.

How is it possible that a man turned into a woman through surgery can compete against a woman in a certain sporting event? How can this be possible?

A man will be stronger than a woman. It doesn't matter if he himself changes sex, he will still be a man. This is about genetics and it doesn't lie. It is in the DNA of each one of us. The strength of a man will remain the same even if he has surgery. If the relevant sports institutions intend to hold an Olympic Games where only transsexuals attend, there is no problem with it, but please, do not make men compete against women in sports of any kind because it is unfair. An unfortunate event occurred in the completed Tokyo Olympics, although I am not sure if the same thing has happened in previous editions, I will have to investigate...